UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital's Commitment to Quality Care

UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital's Commitment to Quality Care: Firsthand Experience

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Every day I notice the quality care that UnityPoint Health – Finley Hospital provides for our patients, families, and community.  I see it in the ways team members keep a nervous family informed on the progress of their loved one; I see it in the ways a volunteer provides a prayer shawl for a patient or family; I notice when our organization comes together to support and congratulate a Guardian Angel, Caring Heart, or Daisy Award winner who made a difference in the lives of a patient and their family.  At Finley Hospital, we understand that health care isn’t just about medical care; it’s about providing positive experiences centered on coordinated care that lead to the Best Outcome Every Patient, Every Time.

As the President and CEO of Finley Hospital, I often see our organization from a strategic angle that is centered on how we can best serve our community; how can we serve more patients?  What can we do to strengthen efficient and effective operations?  How can we explore ways to consistently provide an exceptional level of care?  It was a few months ago when I viewed our organization from a completely different perspective.

I started the beginning of the New Year as a patient at Finley Hospital.  Years of a collegiate wrestling career, coupled with a motor vehicle accident from years ago, had resulted in chronic back pain that was quickly affecting my quality of life.  It was without hesitation that I handed over my trust to Dara Parvin, MD, and the dedicated orthopedic spine team at UnityPoint Clinic Spine Institute.  Led by Dr. Parvin, I soon underwent a successful spinal fusion surgery to correct disc degeneration in my back – a procedure that normally would have demanded a 4 week recovery time, took me nine days to not only feel a positive difference, but to return to work.  I attribute this incredible recovery time to the care I received at Finley.  Every team member I interacted with - whether that be Dr. Parvin and his team of orthopedic spine experts, the dedicated members of our surgery department, or our rehabilitation services team – everyone showcased to me an unwavering sense of compassion.  This reinforced to me that I wasn’t just a patient seeking health care; I was a person seeking to regain control of my quality of life, and it felt attainable because of my care team.  The team who felt that it wasn’t just a job for them to provide me with quality, coordinated care; it was a promise that the care I received would result in the best outcome.

My outlook on Finley Hospital has taken a different angle.  My recent experience has resulted in a stronger perspective of the true culture here at our organization; one that isn’t just centered on how we remain on the forefront of medical excellence, but the ways in which our team members provide an unshakable sense of compassionate care for each member of our community, day in and day out.  I have seen our team in action and was confident in the ways we keep our patients at the center of everything we do.  However, I didn’t have a true sense of it until I myself became a patient and saw firsthand just how in tune my care team was with my goals and needs.

Thank you to each member of the Finley Hospital team. Your contribution to the care provided at our organization doesn’t just lead to best outcomes – it changes lives.