Meet Karson: A Finley Baby

Meet Karson: A Finley Baby

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By far the best nurse I have ever met is Barb. She was personable, nurturing, and very knowledgeable. I cannot stop talking about how much I really enjoyed her. Nita was another wonderful nurse. Funny, nurturing, and very knowledgeable. Amy too! She came out to the house after discharge and checked up on us. She was very laid back, and so knowledgeable. I really enjoyed how the nurses collaborated together and worked really well together. I cannot wait until my next child to see them all again.

What I like most about my stay was how comfortable I was. We were planning on an all natural birth with our midwife, but things did not go as planned and we had to have a cesarean. Barb was there through it all. I was very emotional when I found this news out but Barb reassured me I would still get the skin to skin after labor with my little guy. Barb and Nita took very good care of me and my husband. Making sure my husband ate before surgery and making sure I was comfortable and my needs were being met. 

Words of wisdom would be to be open to anything as it never goes how you plan things. I did not plan for a cesarean but it all worked out for the best and we are all healthy and happy. 

 We went into Finley on Tuesday around 1:30 AM. It was a very long and emotional day. I  was 41 weeks and have been waiting for this day my entire life. I had planned a natural birth and went through the motions of labor with the nurses and midwives. Around 10:00 am Barb came to the rescue and mentioned an epidural since I was having so much back pain. My poor husband was constantly rubbing my back, he was such a trooper, I was so glad to have him by my side. I could not have done it without him. When Barb came into her shift she got the epidural in motion and was there to help me all through the process. Barb and Deb, the midwife, were amazing. They were so nurturing and helped me through it all. 

Around 12:00 pm, we found out Karson's heart rate was decreasing and it was decided a cesarean would be necessary. I had no plan for this at all and it was very emotional for me. I had planned on my little guy being on my chest right after birth, and having that immediate bonding time. Barb and Nita made sure this happened when I was in surgery. At 1:12 pm, Karson Wayne was born and was a beautiful, healthy baby boy. 

Throughout my stay, I had amazing nurses that checked up on me and made sure everything was going well. Shout out to the lactation team as they were amazing as well. They were all so knowledgeable and helpful so I could be successful at nursing my baby. I cannot wait to go back to see all of those wonderful nurses again. When we left I felt like I lost my friends because I was so very well taken care of. I cannot say enough good thing about my stay, the staff, and the wonderful experience I had. 

Thank you UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital!