Finley Nurse Recognized for Outstanding Care by Patient's Family

Finley Nurse Recognized for Outstanding Care by Patient's Family Member

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Congratulations to Chrissy Kearney, RN, 5 Med/Surg, who was awarded a Caring Heart Award. Chrissy was nominated by a mom of a patient. 

The mom’s son was admitted to Finley for viral meningitis. She explains about his condition, “The pain he suffered was excruciating. As parents it was agonizing to watch. He was given pain medication to try to control the pain.” Unfortunately, the first medication made make him so sick he threw up immediately after taking the medication. This went on throughout the night and half the next day. The patient’s mom says, “Finally Chrissy thought my son should try a different medication for pain. She suggested he try morphine and toradol together. We agreed that we needed to do something different because this was not working at all. Chrissy immediately called the doctor to see if he would approve the order, and he did.” Chrissy immediately got the new medicine and it did work better. The throwing slowed down and the morphine took the edge off the pain for a while. When it was needed again, Chrissy was in the patient’s room, ready and waiting to administer the medication. “She is one of the most caring nurses I have ever met. She went the extra mile to take time with us. We had a lot of questions and concerns. It got really overwhelming at times but she was here to console us and make sure our son was as comfortable as possible. I can’t tell you how much we think of her. Nurses are very special people and she is one of the best! Finley Hospital is very lucky to have her on staff. Thank you Chrissy for helping our family get through this very tough time. My son is home now and doing very well again!”

Thank you, Chrissy, for keeping patients at the center of everything you do and providing every patient with exceptional care!