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Meet Carter: A Finley Baby

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Carter baby photo

-Carter Elliot Haupert
- 7 pounds 14 oz
-20.5 in
-Chicago, Illinois

Having Carter at Finley Hospital was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I kept telling myself that I only want to have one child but with how great the experience was, you just might see me back there again. The nurses were unbelievably AMAZING. I had multiple nurses throughout my stay but I really want to thank all of them from the bottom of my heart. Barb, Lisa, Maria, Tammy and I believe I had one more I just can’t think of her name! But all of you ladies were just hands down pure amazing people and I appreciate everything that you had done for me. I want to thank Barb especially for being there right by my side while delivering Carter. All the encouragement you had for me just made me feel so much better and I couldn’t thank you enough.

Much love from Carter, Matt, and Jocelyn Boland