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Post-Insurance Approval

Get Support

UnityPoint Clinic - Weight Loss offers a Bariatric Support Group to all of our weight loss surgery patients (even those whose bariatric surgery was not performed at UnityPoint Clinic - Weight Loss) and their families. We strongly recommend this support group to all of our patients as a great deal of information is exchanged by interacting with the other patients in the support group. You are not alone in your disease of morbid obesity and you will find that it is much easier to go through this life-changing surgery after talking with many others who have gone through the same thing.
Surgical weight loss support group schedule

Note: The support group is a requirement prior to surgery for the UnityPoint Clinic | Weight Loss Surgery Specialists program.

Pre-Surgical Visit

After receiving approval from your insurance company, you will meet with our team for a final pre-surgery visit. At your pre-surgical visit you will:

  • Schedule your bariatric surgery and have the opportunity to ask the surgeon any other questions you may have.
  • Meet with our dietitian to discuss your eating habits and health history. The dietitian will also provide you with information on the importance of changing your diet before and after surgery.
  • Be tested for H. Pylori, a bacteria that some people carry in their stomach. It can cause ulcers; you will be treated with antibiotics prior to surgery if it is present.

Bariatric Surgery

The procedure itself can take anywhere from one to three hours. Provided you have no complications, you can expect to stay in the hospital overnight for the gastric sleeve and the Lap-Band procedure. If you have a bypass you can expect to stay up to three days. Immediate care during and after weight loss surgery is provided by these and other specialists:

  • Surgeon: UnityPoint Clinic weight loss surgeons have extensive experience with critical care patients and are able to provide comprehensive and complete care for any medical and surgical needs.
  • Physician's Assistant: Our physician's assistant helps with all surgical cases and will help with your care while you are in the hospital.
  • Anesthesiologists: Iowa Methodist's board-certified anesthesiologists have extensive experience in the management of obese and overweight patients.
  • Pulmonary specialists: Experts in sleep medicine work in conjunction with the surgeon and hospital staff to ensure patients with underlying respiratory problems, such as breathing disorders found in morbidly obese patients, have the best chance at optimal recovery.
  • Cardiologists: Iowa Methodist's board-certified cardiologists are available for any cardiac difficulties.

Surgical Follow-Up Visits

After surgery, you will have scheduled visits with the surgeon and other members of the weight loss surgery team. During these visits, weight loss, diet and physical activity will be reviewed. Examinations and tests will be performed as needed. Our goal is to provide continued care and encouragement.

Follow-up is extremely important to every bariatric surgery patient. Although some of the tools for weight reduction will have been provided, learning to use these tools properly is not easy. Patients must make attitude and habit changes related to eating, coping with stress and pleasure-seeking in order to ensure hunger is controlled and overeating or frequent snacking does not occur.

Read more thorough information about UnityPoint Clinic – Weight Loss follow-up care.