In Memory of Dr. Stan Haugland

We are sorry to share that Dr. Stan Haugland, former Powell Chemical Dependency Center Medical Director, died this past Wednesday evening in his sleep. 

Dr. Haugland (1927-2017) graduated High School in Thompson, Iowa in 1945. He joined the US Merchant Marines and served in Japan and Korea during the Korean War. He returned to Iowa to attend the University of Iowa Medical School. He practiced in rural Iowa before coming to Iowa Methodist Medical Center in 1975 to serve as Medical Director of the Powell Chemical Dependency Center. Dr. Haugland was open about his history of addiction to alcohol and drugs and subsequent recovery, making him a perfect choice to lead the first hospital-based treatment center in Iowa. His focus on compassion, personal relationships and developing a therapeutic community was legendary. He remained involved with Powell CDC long after his retirement from the hospital, giving lectures, meeting with patients, attending Powell events, and serving most recently as a Facilitator for the Elderly Adult AA Meeting. He was fond of sharing his two most important life lessons: "nothing is more important than interpersonal relationships" and "kindness." 

In a touching circumstance of grace, Jean, his wife who was in hospice care, passed away just hours after Dr. Haugland passed. 

For those of you who knew "Doc", you know that he was an inspiration. He worked tirelessly to promote health and recovery from addiction. He would tell his own story frequently, and go out of his way to offer support and encouragement to anyone who needed a listening ear. 

The visitation and funeral service for both Jean and Stan Haugland will be held Saturday, February 18th at Iles Funeral Home, Grandview Park. The visitation will be held at noon and the funeral service at 2 p.m.

Powell CDC Alumni and Friends

Powell Chemical Dependency Center (CDC) Alumni and Friends Association is an organization that has been in existence since 1975, whose primary purpose is raising money to help Powell CDC patients in need of financial assistance, as well as sponsoring clean, fun and sober activities for all of our alumni. We are governed by a Board of Directors.

Powell CDC Alumni and Friends Board meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. in Conference Room 1 at Iowa Lutheran Hospital. This room is found on the left of the elevators as you head north from the front door on the first floor. Everyone is welcome to attend the Board meetings, whether you are alumni of Powell CDC or just a friend of someone who attended Powell.  We encourage everyone who is interested in a sober lifestyle to attend our meetings.