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Powell Chemical Dependency Center

Powell Chemical Dependency Center, located at Iowa Lutheran Hospital in Des Moines, IA, is a safe and supportive setting where individuals can face their drug and alcohol abuse and learn to recover. Powell CDC allows individuals to work with their families and significant others to rebuild their lives and the lives of others affected by the uncertainty, pain, loss, helplessness and fear created by drug abuse.  We provide the highest quality drug and alcohol addiction treatment services in central Iowa. 

We are here to help

Is drinking or drugs controlling your life? We are here to help you. There is life after sobriety.

Powell Chemical Dependency Center provides hope for the chemically dependent.  It is possible to live life substance free. Treatment and recovery from alcohol and drug abuse can begin at Powell Chemical Dependency Center. 

What to expect from Powell CDC

Our purpose at Powell Chemical Dependency Center involves several important individual and community goals: 

  • Provide the highest quality alcohol and drug addiction treatment in central Iowa
  • Teach the basic skills needed for recovery
  • Connect people with the best social supports needed to remain sober
  • Treat the whole person: body, mind, and spirit
  • Provide individualized treatment planning for every patient based on his or her own unique needs
  • Contribute positively to the Des Moines area and the treatment and recovery community of central Iowa
  • To continuously strive to meet these objectives.  

Quality through experience

Treatment and recovery from alcohol and drug abuse can begin at Powell Chemical Dependency Center. Since opening in 1973, Powell CDC has treated thousands of patients for alcoholism and addiction.  Our dedicated staff of professionals continues to lead the field in providing alcohol and drug addiction services to individuals and their family members.  Our highly-trained staff includes certified addiction counselors, masters and doctoral level clinicians, advanced addiction counselors and thoroughly qualified nurses and technicians.  From our counselors to our medical team, the professional staff of Powell Chemical Dependency Center is specially trained, capable, and ready to help. 


We know that sensitive issues can surround the use of alcohol and drugs and privacy is important to recovery. At Powell CDC we take this seriously and provide professional, competent, and confidential services.


Chemical dependency is a treatable illness.  While many think of addiction and alcoholism as a personal or moral failing, research proves a different story.  Addiction is a treatable condition of the brain, which has been created by an individual's choices to use or drink abusively.  Often, it is related to genetics and family history, and left untreated, is chronic, progressive, and fatal.  And yet, through abstinence and learning the skills necessary to begin and keep a new way of sober living, people can and do recover.  Powell CDC will help you get there. 

More questions? 

The dedicated, compassionate and caring staff at Powell Chemical Dependency Center is ready to discuss with you or someone you know any questions you have.  Call us for more information or to set up a meeting to talk about it personally at (515) 263-2424.

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