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5 Myths about Delivering at Methodist West: Busted (Infographic)

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methodist west hospital myths busted

Methodist West Hospital is not your typical maternity ward, and that fact raises several questions in the minds of soon-to-be moms. Will it be safe for my baby? Does it have all of the same amenities of other hospitals? What happens if something goes wrong? These questions are perfectly normal and also very common. New and expecting moms should not have to worry about much during their delivery, and the care provided at Methodist West makes sure that happens. Here are the biggest myths about having a baby at Methodist West and the facts to prove them wrong.

5 Myths abotu Delivering at Methodist West Hospital Infographic 

Myth 1: Epidurals are not available because there is no anesthesia on site.

Fact: Epidurals are available and you may even receive them faster than at another hospital. A board-certified anesthesiologist is available 24 hours a day at Methodist West. The staff at the maternity center wants all moms-to-be to feel comfortable and relaxed in the home-like atmosphere of Methodist West. New moms won’t have to worry about going from room-to-room after their baby is born. The labor and delivery room doubles as a postpartum recovery room. There is even a pull-out couch available for family and friends to stay on.

Myth 2: If your baby is transferred to the NICU downtown at Blank Children’s Hospital, the mother cannot go with and it will cost more money.

Fact: Babies who need additional help transitioning, or who are born prematurely, are sent to Blank Children’s Hospital in downtown Des Moines. Paramedics will take mom and baby to the hospital together. New parents will not incur an extra charge because Methodist West and Blank Children’s Hospital are in the same hospital system.

Myth 3: Methodist West does not have a neonatal staff. 

Fact: Special neonatal practitioners from Blank Children’s Hospital attend each birth at Methodist West. This unique system allows the neonatal staff to focus solely on the baby while the other practitioners give the new mom all of the attention she needs. Babies are able to stay in the room when receiving care from the neonatal practitioner and can do skin-to-skin. For babies who need extra care, a special care nursery is available for the neonatal staff.

Myth 4: There is no operating room at Methodist West.

Fact: There is one operating room on the maternity floor at Methodist West. This room is available for scheduled and emergency C-sections. The staff at the maternity center want to give every mom and baby the personal attention they need and deserve. The maternity floor is equipped with all of the necessary tools to make sure your birth runs smoothly. Methodist West, and all other UnityPoint Health - Des Moines maternity centers offers pre-registration for your birth with an easy online application.

Myth 5: Methodist West cannot handle early deliveries.

Fact: All of the amenities in Methodist West equip them to handle early deliveries. With epidurals on-site, a board-certified anesthesiologist, easy transfer to Blank Children’s Hospital and special neonatal practitioners on-hand, new moms and babies will find themselves in good hands at the Methodist West Maternity Center. More than 900 babies were delivered at Methodist West just last year. The calm and secure atmosphere makes it easy for friends and family to visit. Newborn photography is even an option for new parents who want to capture their baby’s first few days. 

Methodist West Maternity Center is a great option for anyone with a healthy, low-risk pregnancy. Both UnityPoint Clinic and The Iowa Clinic deliver there. UnityPoint Health offers several maternity centers in Central Iowa to help moms-to-be choose which one is right for them and their baby. New parents can schedule a tour at any of the UnityPoint Health maternity centers.