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Record Number of Kidney Transplants in 2016

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Record Number of Kidney Transplants in 2016

Congratulations to Dr. Qasim L. Chaudhry, M.D. and the entire transplant team for transplanting a total of 70 kidneys during 2016, 16 more than 2015. 

“Many transplant centers cherry pick the best kidneys and recipients,” said Dr. Chaudhry.  “We have the technical expertise to make use of kidneys turned down by such centers. We also have the depth of staffing needed to get challenging renal failure patients onto the transplant waiting list that may have been denied elsewhere. We make it about access. We have an expert team of Nephrologists, Psychologists, Nutritionists, Social Workers, Registered Nurses, Transplant Coordinators and others that treat patients like family. They are passionate and support our patients 100% along the way. This allows us to take on these challenging cases and still achieve the best outcomes in the state. Without my dedicated team, the record number of transplants wouldn’t be possible”

UnityPoint Health – Des Moines Transplant Center’s wait list continues to be one of the shortest in the country with wait times ranging from seven to 12 months when wait lists in places like New York and California can range from seven to10 years.

“With wait times this short, we’ve had patients contact us from as far as Munich, Germany, Egypt and Saudi Arabia,” said the Director of Kidney Transplant, Robin Thompson.

This team is a great example of Champions of Excellence with the exceptional care they are providing to the donors and recipients at the UnityPoint Health – Des Moines Transplant Center.