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Vaccinations - Not Just For Kids (Infographic)

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Vaccines for Adults

Did you know more than 50,000 American adults die due to diseases that could be prevented through immunization each year? The need for vaccinations does not end after childhood. It is important that individuals receive the right vaccines to keep everyone healthy, no matter the age or lifestyle. Discover why vaccines are crucial to everyone’s safety and health!

Reason to get vaccinated

Why are Vaccines Important for Adults and Children?

Maintain Your Health

Vaccinations have the opportunity to prevent the cost and suffering associated with infectious disease and illness. Vaccinations are proven to be extremely effective and safe, and when you follow through with the proper immunizations from infancy through adulthood, you provide yourself with a lifetime of protection from potentially fatal diseases and illnesses.

Protects Those We Care About From Disease

Vaccinations protect children and adults from serious illnesses. Certain diseases such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough are still present a threat, and it is crucial to get you and your loved ones properly vaccinated. Diseases like pneumonia can have a much deadlier affect on senior citizens. The pneumonia vaccine can help protect them from possible hospitalization and death.

Prevent Outbreaks

The bacteria and viruses that cause disease and serious illness still exist and can easily be passed onto those who have not been vaccinated. The Disneyland measles outbreak that started last December spread to a half-dozen U.S. states, Mexico and Canada, and sickened 147 people in the U.S., with 131 of them in California. Outbreaks occur when the vaccination rates decline and children and adults do not receive proper vaccinations. The easiest way to prevent you and your loved ones from illness and disease is through immunization!

Commitment to our Community

Each year millions of adults and children get sick from vaccine-preventable diseases. As American citizens, we have a public commitment to help protect each other and our children by getting properly vaccinated.

What are the Different Types of Vaccines?

From infancy to adulthood, there will be various vaccinations that are needed to protect against serious diseases. The most common vaccinations include:

What Vaccines do Children Need?

There will be different vaccinations necessary from infancy through eighteens years of age. The recommended vaccination schedule for infants and children from birth through seven years of age is provided, to ensure the health and protection through the beginning of life when they are the most susceptible to being exposed to potentially life-threatening diseases. As for preteens and teens typically ranging from seven to eighteen years of age, ensure they are on the right track and up-to-date with the vaccinations they need by checking in with their health care provider as well as following the vaccination schedule.

What Vaccines do Adults Need?

There are several vaccines available throughout the different stages of adulthood. Especially as we age, vaccinations we received through our younger years have the ability to lose effectiveness over time, making it necessary to check in with your healthcare provider. For further information on what immunizations you may need, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a detailed immunization schedule by age.

Medicare covers annual influenza immunizations for all beneficiaries, and will cover one pneumonia vaccination per person. Typically, one vaccination at age 65 provides coverage for a lifetime. Booster vaccinations may be needed for some individuals and will be covered if they are considered to be high risk and in need. Hepatitis B vaccinations are also covered for those who are deemed to be at high or immediate risk.

Get Vaccinated Today!

When was that last time you talked to your health care provider about being up-to-date on vaccinations? Ensure the continued health and safety against illness and disease for you and your loved ones by getting properly vaccinated! Schedule an appointment with the dedicated staff within UnityPoint Clinic’s family medicine or for young children our pediatricians today.