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8 Signs You Were Born to be a Nurse

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Being a nurse is full of delights and demands. But for the right person, the stress and strain of providing care as a nurse is worth the lives that are touched. When did you know you wanted to be a nurse? Check out these 8 Signs You were Born to be a Nurse to see if you share any of these characteristics!

1. Playing “hospital” was your favorite childhood game.

From boo-boos on your bear to checking your sibling’s heartbeat, you loved playing with your plastic medical kit as a youngster. This innate desire to provide care for others (even if they were full of stuffing) is a big sign nursing is your calling.

2. You’ve been personally touched by trauma of some sort.

Most nurses once stood where their patients do now. Whether you have dealt with chronic illness, the death of a loved one, or another form of trauma, your life experiences help you empathize with patients and their families and may even shape the field of nursing you pursue.

3. You love to wear pajama pants and other comfortable clothing items.

Getting you out of your favorite pajamas in the morning was always a struggle growing up. Although your mom often begged you to change for school, your love of comfortable pants is actually embraced in the medical setting. Scrubs will not only be your clothing of choice, but will also become your best friend as you provide care each day.

4. You are better at juggling than most clowns.

When it comes to juggling life’s tasks, no one does it better. You’re a pro at the lunch-lecture combo, and workouts wouldn’t be the same without a book to read on the treadmill. Your ability to multitask is one of the reasons you are meant to be a nurse as the two go hand-in-hand.

5. Blood never made you squeamish.

While other kids squealed at the site of a small scratch, blood never seemed to bother you. You may have even been fascinated by the color and consistency of blood. And as you aged, your appreciation for blood’s platelets, oxygen levels, hemoglobin and chemical components grew.

6. You rocked at the “telephone” game.

You never quite understood how the telephone game started with “I like cats!” but turned into “Let’s chase rats!” by the time it got to passed around the circle. Listening and communicating were always one of your strong suits, which is especially important as a nurse. Solid communication skills allow you to be able to speak with doctors, coworkers, patients and their families, even during stressful situations. Listening skill are also put to work as you follow direction, remember information and take flawless notes when necessary.

7. You make lists (and lists of the lists you need to make).

Although your tedious list making and attention to minor detail may seem quirky to some, being detail-oriented is a trait great nurses often possess. Completing patients’ charts and remembering detail is crucial in the nursing field, so your skills will definitely be put to use.

8. You are caring by nature.

And because you are meant to be a nurse, you, of course, have a caring nature about you. From a young age, you could detect when something was wrong and were always there to help however you could. This ability to understand and empathize can go a long way in improving a patient’s care, and even their outcome, as an empathetic nurse may be the only thing a patient has to look forward to during one of the most difficult times of their life.

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