Patient Centered Medical Home Means Quality Care | UnityPoint Clinic
What This Means for Patients

What Patient-Centered Medical Care Means to You

We Value Patient-Centered Care

"Patient-Centered" means that you are at the center of everything we do. 

We believe...

  • Your care should be easily and conveniently accessible.
  • There should be effective communication between you and your doctor.
  • Technology should help enable you to connect with your clinic and help our staff monitor and track your health. 

Patient Centered Medical Home places high priority on these aspects of patient care.

The Patient-Centered Medical Home Difference

Patient-Centered Medical Home is part of a national initiative to improve primary care. UnityPoint Clinic is adopting the Patient-Centered Medical Home model to make your primary care experience the best it can be. We are focusing on several key areas to positively impact your overall care and health:

  • Enhance access and continuity of care - your health care needs don't always occur at a convenient time, so we are committed to providing access to information and expert help in a variety of ways to meet your needs whether during or after hours.
  • Plan and manage your care - we use evidence-based guidelines for preventative, acute and chronic care management, including medication management.
  • Provide self-care support and community resources - we provide information, tools and resources to assist you and your family with learning how to manage your care.
  • Track and coordinate care - we follow your care wherever it takes you, from tests to referrals and through transitions of care.
  • Measure and improve performance - we track how your care is improving and how we are delivering overall patient care and experience for continuous quality improvements.

Your Medical Home

Your primary care clinic is your "Medical Home." It's where you can trust that your health is being managed by your doctor and a team of health care professionals who care about your unique needs and goals. Your Medical Home is committed to coordinating your care with other providers and services when necessary. Your primary care provider leads a team that takes responsibility for your health, making sure that you receive care that is more personalized, coordinated, effective and efficient.