UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's Hospital

Physical & Occupational Therapy

Work-related injuries require special rehabilitation to get employees back to work as quickly and safely as possible. Our Therapy Plus staff specializes in rehabilitating work injuries.

Our emphasis is on pain management, strengthening, and educating our patients about proper body mechanics and ergonomics. This is reinforced throughout their physical therapy and may include realistic practice in a work simulation area.

In addition to helping individuals get back to work, Therapy Plus also offers a number of services for local businesses:

  • Ergonomic job site analysis-  an onsite evaluation of one or more workers at their work stations. The analysis provides recommendations for ergonomic measures designed to: 1) decrease current musculoskeletal stresses and 2) prevent and/or reduce the risk for future injury.
  • Functional capacity evaluations - job specific evaluations are referred to as "Fitness for Duty" or "Job Capacity" evaluations. These determine the worker's return-to-work status (full release or else with specific restrictions).
  • Pre-employment/post offer screens - One of these, the job task assessment is a brief evaluation of a prospective employee's ability to perform critical physical job elements such as lifting, carrying or heavy torqueing. Our occupational therapist works with each company to develop a job-specific screening protocol. All tests include a brief, three point review of proper lifting techniques. This screen is done as part of the Work Well physical.

    The other screen available at St. Luke's is the Physical Capacities Profile, a longer evaluation that measures a wide variety of muscle strengths. This determines a prospective employee's whole-body strength capacity for work. The company can then determine if such strength capacity meets the strength requirement of the job position being offered. A comprehensive job description makes it easy to determine what that strength requirement should be. Our occupational therapist may work with each company to correctly determine what strength rating should be assigned to a job. For information on setting up either of these pre-employment post-offer screens, contact Stacey Bowden, Work Well Client Representative at 369-8154.

  • Educational programs - topics include: proper body mechanics and prevention of low back pain, general ergonomics, office ergonomics for the computer workstation, prevention of cumulative trauma disorders and onsite exercise and stretching programs.

St. Luke's Therapy Plus has four convenient locations in the Cedar Rapids area:

  • 830 First Avenue NE (2nd floor of Work Well Clinic building)
  • 3245 Williams Parkway SW (inside Williams Plaza)
  • 2996 7th Avenue (Marion Campus)
  • 1001 N. Center Point Rd. (Hiawatha Campus)

For more information call (319) 369-8107.