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Ahmad Bader, M.D.

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Why did you become a physician/provider?

Being a physician is really great. It is stimulating and interesting. I know I get to help people solve problems every single day. I know I have a significant degree of autonomy over schedule and time.

As a provider, what is your medical philosophy?

I have a strong attitude and commitment towards patient care. My understanding of the relationship between a physician and patient is that we work together to accomplish a desired goal. My principle role is to provide patient with accurate information about their condition or diagnosis.

What type of care/clinical interests are you most passionate about?

Degenerative spine disorders. Brain tumor surgery. Cranial and spinal trauma.

Why did you choose your specialty?

I enjoy operating on the brain and spine. I also enjoy the complexity of the nervous system. I also enjoy the neurological examination, the neurological evaluations. Becoming a neurosurgeon was always my dream.

What qualities best describe the care you provide your patients?

Providing the highest quality of care possible.

Being a healthcare provider, what drives/motivates you each day?

The great sense of satisfaction I feel everyday. The amount of people appreciating what I do and coming from their heart, and with no other agenda than getting better is a rare privilege in this life. I found this to be something that is more than satisfying and it's something that allowed me to grow as a person and become a better husband and father, and it's very few people get to have such an intimate contact with people in need and make a difference in their lives.

What is the most important thing patients should know about you and your practice?

Providing the highest quality of care possible.

Personal Interests

Reading, Travel, Soccer.



Areas of Interest

Cranial Procedures, Craniotomy, Microneurosurgery, Neurological Disorders, Neurosurgery, Spinal Fusion, Spinal Microsurgery, Spinal Surgery

Accepts Children


College/Medical School

Al Quds University


University of British Columbia


University of British Columbia




University of British Columbia