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Why did you become a physician/provider?

Distrust. This conveys the predominant perception that frequently emerged in conversations about or after encounters with health care in my native country. As a teenager, I wanted to be instrumental in changing individual experiences and perceptions of health care from distrust to care that is appropriate and satisfying. This desire lead me into a career in the health care field and to become a physician.

As a provider, what is your medical philosophy?

I believe that human beings are wonderfully designed in such a way that form and function are elegantly inter-related. Careful study then, of the human body, will lead to surprising insight into what our bodies require to function optimally and what is needed to recover from various maladies.

What type of care/clinical interests are you most passionate about?

I have interests in Preventive Medicine and Diabetes.

Why did you choose your specialty?

The physiology and pathology of the human body fascinates me and I like sharing my knowledge of such. In the practice of Internal Medicine, I have numerous opportunities to be educated and educate others about the human body - its functions and ailments as well as known cures, ways to prevent diseases and how to nurture good health.

What qualities best describe the care you provide your patients?

Attentive, respectful and competent.

Being a healthcare provider, what drives/motivates you each day?

As a Christian, I have grown to view my daily activities as service to the Lord. As such the opportunities to serve the Lord with gladness is a key driving force for me. Hope is another motivator for me - hope that improving the health of one individual can be an impetus for better health in another and can have a ripple effect thus creating healthier societies, countries and world.

What is the most important thing patients should know about you and your practice?

Patients should know that they will be treated with respect. I am also committed to using the best of my knowledge to assist my patients in preventing preventable diseases, maintaining good health and or improving their health.


Family Medicine, Internal Medicine

Accepts Children


College/Medical School

Des Moines University


Lehigh Valley Health Network, Allenton, PA

Board Certification(s):

American Board of Internal Medicine