Resolutions and Being Happy Now December 30, 2016

In a few days, we'll all vow to never eat sugar, drink more water, workout every day, have a date night each week with our spouses and work less, vacation more.  And then life gets in the way.  You eat the chocolate, cancel date night, the kids' activities take over your schedule and you're drinking mainly coffee and wine to hydrate.

We all have good intentions about our lives and how we're hoping to change them.  In this post, I want to specifically talk about body image.

I do my very best to look at the insides of a person to find what I like about them.  I know this comes from a fashion blogger, but honestly, clothes are just my hobby.  I know what you wear doesn't really matter.  But they can make you feel good about you.  But there's much more to feeling good than your clothes.

Feeling good about you needs to come from the inside.  I'm not saying having a healthy diet and exercising doesn't matter.  But here's the key, people lose weight all the time and realize that they are the same person on the inside.  Sure they can buy smaller pants sizes or enjoy some attention that they felt that maybe they didn't get before.  But they discover they aren't any happier.  Why?  Because how you feel about you starts from within.

I hope to be healthier this year.  I hope you are too.  But know that your happiness has nothing to do with the number on the scale.  

And always, always remember that there is someone out there right now trying their very hardest have what you have now- your waist, your smile, your legs, your pants size, your arms, your chest, your your hair, your number on the scale, the way you move.  So appreciate who you are, improve what you want but BE HAPPY NOW.  Don't wait!

Happy New Year!