Carl and Mary Koehler Legacy Society

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Carl and Mary Koehler Legacy Society

The Carl & Mary Koehler Legacy Society was established in 2003 to recognize individuals who have remembered St. Luke’s Foundation with an estate or other planned gifts arranged during their lifetime. St. Luke’s gratefully honors these individuals for their legacy of generosity and caring.

  • Floyd Alber
  • Dr. Ken and Kathy Anderson
  • Anonymous
  • Dr. Dustin and Tonya Arnold 
  • Walter+ and Evelyn J. Badger
  • Dean and Gale Beer
  • Wilma J. Blosser
  • J. Scott and Joann Bogguss 
  • Sondra Lea Bolsinger-Lamb 
  • Peg Bradke
  • Ernie and Joanne Buresh 
  • Dr. Robert and Sharon Caldwell
  • Terri Christoffersen ^ 
  • Thomas and Joanne Collins 
  • Ramona Cook
  • Arlene H. Dayhoff 
  • Marilyn B. DeLange 
  • Sallie and James Driscoll 
  • Dr. Jean Todd Duncan
  • Shannon and DeLane Duval 
  • Wayne and Shirley Engle
  • Dr. Susan L. Enzle 
  • Julie Foster Van Camp
  • Arnold+ and Helen Freeman 
  • Helen and Dale Fye
  • Faye Gerner
  • Sally and Steve Gray 
  • Marcia and James Holley 
  • Senator Merlin and Darlene Hulse
  • David and Mary+ Johnson
  • G. Richard and Jacqueline Johnson
  • Dr. Rhys B. Jones+ and Valerie Chittick
  • John and Pat Kerr 
  • Mickey and Wendell Kirkpatrick
  • Mary Klinger
  • Dr. Keith and Cheryl Krewer 
  • Douglas and Sharon Laird
  • R. Eugene and Clarise+ Mahany
  • Dennis and Alice Mans^ 
  • Nyla McCall
  • Gary McEowen
  • David and Ruth McGuire 
  • Jean Means
  • David and Patricia Miller 
  • Chris and Bruce+ Montross^ 
  • Dale & Cheryl Moore
  • Dr. Dale+ and Louise Morgan
  • Jean Munson
  • Helen G. Nassif
  • Greg and Debbie Neumeyer 
  • Crystal Nodurft ^
  • Mary Ann and Sam Osborn 
  • Dr. Merlin and Ruth Ann
  • Osborn
  • William and Char Osborne 
  • Carolyn E. Pigott Rosberg
  • Marvin and Beverly Pospisil 
  • Dale and Caryl Rammelsberg 
  • Kenneth H. Reth ^
  • Viola L. Reth
  • Don and Cornelia Ross Virginia Rystrom
  • Duane and LouAnne Sands 
  • Nancy and Jim Schoeben 
  • Fred and Terri Schuchmann 
  • James and Patricia Sealy 
  • Thomas and Margaret Sears 
  • Dr. Gerald and Nancy Shirk 
  • Nancy and John Skogsbergh 
  • Barry and Cari Spear
  • Gary and Susan Speicher 
  • Dr. James and Mariann
  • Stickley
  • Frank and Anna Teffer 
  • Joan and Dr. David+ Thaler
  • Claude and M.J. Thompson 
  • Theodore and Cathy
  • Townsend
  • Maxine (Mickey) Van Hamme+
  • Dave and Sue Verhille 
  • Betty Wagner
  • Susan Welty
  • Paul and Charlotte+ Wright
  •  Elaine Young