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What is a certified diabetes educator?

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diabetes educator explaining to patient

By: St. Luke's Diabetes Educator Megan Muñoz, RN, MSN, CMSRN, CDE

What is a certified diabetes educator?

If you have diabetes, a certified diabetes educator can be an integral part of your care team. Yet, many don’t know about this valuable resource. Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) are medical professionals, like pharmacists, nurses, dietitians, or social workers that specialize in working with people with diabetes. Two years of training, 1000 hours of direct patient contact, and a specialty exam are the minimum requirements to become a CDE. 

A CDE is the one person in the medical field that has the time and tools to help you turn your diabetes fears, questions, struggles and barriers into confidence, understanding, hope and action.

10 Fast Facts About Certified Diabetes Educators

  1. They’ve dedicated themselves to a higher standard of training and knowledge through advanced training.
  2. They see the person before they see the diabetes.
  3. They have the knowledge and tools to help patients understand available treatment options so they can make informed decisions about diabetes health.
  4. They have the skills to help patients make behavior changes to improve their diabetes.
  5. They understand that diabetes, its diagnosis, workload, and ever-changing state can be overwhelming, exhausting, and bring out many different emotions.
  6. They know no one with diabetes wants poor health, but almost everyone has barriers that make it hard to care for their diabetes at times.
  7. They understand diabetes impacts every aspect of a patient’s life.
  8. Their ultimate goal is to decrease the patient’s burden while helping to improve or maintain diabetes health.
  9. They look at all aspects of a patient’s world, and work as a partner, to help reduce costs, eliminate barriers, and adapt diabetes self-care based on everyday needs.
  10. They understand that each patient’s diabetes journey is unique, and how it impacts their life, is different than everyone else’s diabetes.

To schedule an appointment with a certified diabetes educator – please call UnityPoint Clinic Diabetes & Kidney Center at (319) 298-2200 for additional information.