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Dennis & Terri lose a combined 100 pounds with the New You Program

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Terri & Dennis post program weight loss

The New You Program is a comprehensive weight management program designed to help you achieve and maintain long-term weight loss. Throughout the program, you are guided by a team of health professionals including an endocrinologist, dietitian, and health coach. With the help of our team, you will lose weight safely and learn to manage a healthy weight for life. 


 Dennis: Start of program
 Terri: Start of program

Dennis & Terri recently completed the 24 week program with amazing results. Dennis lost Dennis 64.1 pounds and Terri lost 52 pounds. Here are their thoughts on the program:


We have tried many weight loss programs together with limited success. We’d lose some weight while on their programs but would immediately put it back on ( and then some) when the program and support was finished. We were on vacation and had started to put the weight back on when my wife mentioned a weight loss program through Unity Point Health where she works as a nurse.


We attended an informational session where we listened to their presentation, learned their philosophy towards weight loss and sampled the meal replacement product. I decided I had to try one last time. Dennis was skeptical but joined as well. He had weight to lose as well but mostly joined to be supportive of me.


24 weeks seemed like a long time but after the first couple of meetings, we realized our counselors weren’t here to just sell us a product and forget about us. They were and continue to be by our sides to promote, teach, and support us during a lifestyle change.


Our classes/group sessions have taught us how to reach our goals through healthy eating and living. The meal replacements were easy and good! As a team, we tried different recipes weekly and shared our favorites in class. With our meal replacements packs, we can make anything from shakes to muffins, breads, cakes, soups-limitless varieties so there’s no boredom. We had a vast selections of recipes to keep it interesting.


With the constant support of weekly group meetings and our coaches we could reach out to them anytime when we were struggling. We were never alone and still have their support anytime we need them .


We now enjoy the Next Step program where we continue to meet weekly for support, education, and weekly accountability . We have a new life style and loving what we have accomplished as a team. We can’t thank Dr. Rao and her amazing team enough!

You should learn more about the UnityPoint Health Weight Loss Clinic if?

  • You struggled with your weight recently?
  • You tried to lose weight on your own, but struggle to maintain healthy habits?
  • You have a BMI over 30?
  • You have health issues that would resolve with weight loss?
  • You find a lack of support and guidance to help you lose weight and maintain it?

Contact us for a one on one session to learn more about our program.