Compassion Beyond Duty

by -

Marcia & Norm McClintock

Dear Ted Townsend,

I should have written this story five years ago, but I have gotten another opportunity to tell my story now with my husband’s recent stay in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  

Five years ago my husband was in the hospital for almost four months.  Most of that time was spent in ICU.  The level of expertise of the nurses and doctors in ICU is outstanding!  Their dedication and warmth speaks volumes of their work ethics.  They have gone above and beyond the call of duty. 

He happened to be in around Mother’s Day and they surprised us with a dinner from Biaggis; so very thoughtful.  They even had a graduation ceremony for my husband at the end of his stay, complete with a homemade cap.  His robe was his gown. 

We got to know everyone pretty well and have made many friends.  Some of those same friends were working this weekend when my husband was admitted again and had a brief stay in ICU.  He doesn’t remember a lot about his stay five years ago, which is good, but I do.  The smiling faces and helping hands were ready to give him the same level of care they gave him before.  They even fuss over who gets to have his room so they can take care of him. 

I’m very thankful for their compassion and caring spirits.  They have managed to become a vital part of our family.  I know whenever we walk through the doors of ICU, we will undoubtedly be greeted with open hands and willing hearts. 

Thank you all for making a huge difference in our lives.  We are blessed beyond measure.  

Marcia & Norm McClintock