Blank Children's Hospital Announces Arrival of New Fire Safety House

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Blank Children's Hospital is excited to announce the arrival of our new Fire Safety House.

The "house" offers unique hands-on learning to prepare children for the unexpected and frightening experience of a fire. In addition to teaching children about fire safety, the house can also be used to train children about what to do in severe weather such as thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Similar in appearance to an RV or motor home, the Fire Safety House is a mobile, wheelchair-accessible fire education tool designed to teach children vital burn prevention and fire escape methods through a fun, safe simulation of common household hazards. The Fire Safety House is equipped with a kitchen, living room and bedroom which feature the types of dangers children should look for.

Realistic Fire Simulations

The bedroom can be filled with a non-toxic smoke. Participants are reminded of the importance of developing a home fire escape plan, including alternate escape routes from each room of their home for their family's safety.

A lifesaving experience

The Fire Safety House provides a hands-on learning tool that prepares children for the unexpected and frightening experiences of a fire. Built on a trailer frame, the small house contains the three rooms where fires start most frequently: the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom. Demonstrations are conducted by firefighters and experienced volunteers. Some of the life-saving procedures taught are:
How to crawl under smoke.
How to feel a door before opening it.
How to use a fire escape ladder.
What a smoke detector sounds like.
How to call 9-1-1.

Severe Weather Education
The Fire Safety House is equipped to create a realistic simulation of severe weather, including thunder and lightning, strong winds and tornadoes. During the simulation speakers make the sounds of a storm, subwoofers shake the house like thunder, and strobe lights create lightning.  Children learn how to understand severe weather warnings on television, assume the proper crouching position during a tornado, and remain calm during a storm.

About the Fire Safety House