Active Kids? Water is the Best Thirst Quencher

Active Kids? Water is the Best Thirst Quencher

Girl drinking water

We’ve seen the commercials showing famous athletes and celebrities promoting various sports drinks and energy drinks. They are shown making an amazing play on the field or performing a cool stunt and then consuming a sports drink or energy drink. These beverages are popular, but they aren’t the best choice for hydration. Water is the best thirst quencher!

Sports Drinks

These flavored drinks come in a variety of colors and usually contain sugar, minerals and electrolytes like sodium, potassium and calcium.

These additives may sound good for your active family members but the truth is that most people don’t need them. Sports drinks are only recommended when doing intense physical activity for at least an hour or longer. This includes long-distance running or biking as well as high intensity sports like soccer, basketball or hockey. For routine physical activity, grab water to satisfy your thirst. If you’re craving a little more flavor, try adding some fruit like berries or lemons to your water.

Energy Drinks

These are also flavored beverages but they contain stimulants like caffeine. They also have sugar, added vitamins and minerals and sometimes even protein.

Energy drinks are never recommended for kids and teens. They are unnecessary because the same nutrients they possess are found in the foods we eat. In fact, energy drinks can have negative effects for your children by causing an increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, trouble sleeping, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, upset stomach and even caffeine toxicity.


Between 70-80% of our body is made up of water. When you exercise and sweat, you’re losing water. It’s important to replace that water to stay hydrated and help fuel your body.

If water isn’t a favorite choice for your kids, we have some tips to help make it the go-to beverage. 

  1. Make it easy to grab by keeping it handy and cold. When you’re on the go, take a water bottle or bottled water with you. At home, fill a pitcher with water and always have it in the fridge for meals, snacks and in between.
  2. Make it fun and fruity. Your child might think water is boring, but you can add some natural flavor by putting lemon, lime or orange wedges in the water. 
  3. Make it the drink for everyone in the family. You can be a good role model by drinking water when you’re thirsty. Skip the soda and other sugary drinks and grab a glass of water instead.