Score Big Points During Our March Kindness Challenge

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two hands reaching for each other; UnityPoint Health March Kindness Challenge

This month, random acts of kindness go head-to-head during a March Kindness Challenge.

It’s a chance to put on your game faces for a few weeks to make others feel like they’ve just scored the game-winning basket. There are some slam dunk self-care options to encourage you to be kind to you, too. After a tough few years, everyone could use an extra feel-good boost. 

Play along in our bracket-style challenge by completing the listed acts of kindness. By the end, you’ll see which good deed matters most to you! 

Why Join the Challenge?

This challenge is a fun way to promote kindness with friends, family and in your community. This is no shoot-from-half-court contest. It’s an easy layup to help you score big points in the smile category. Here are some examples of the acts of kindness you’ll see on the bracket.

  • Leave kind social media comments
  • Organize a common space
  • Pick up a piece of litter
  • Be present – put your phone away all night

How Does it Work?

Look over the 32 acts of kindness on the outside of the bracket. Then, start doing. Once you complete one, move the bolded word ahead. That means you’ll do some acts of kindness several times before you get to the championship round. Finally, share your bracket on social media so others can shoot their shot, too.

Want to do it with us? We’re breaking down the challenge day-by-day in our Facebook and Instagram stories beginning on March 8.