Our Message to the Community

Our Message to the Community

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Our Message to the Community

Our Message to the Community,

On behalf of everyone associated with UnityPoint Health – Meriter, I am heartbroken to share some terribly disturbing news with you.

Very recently, a member of our care team told us of unexplained injuries to some of the youngest patients in our care. In working with our care teams and checking the patients’ charts we could not determine cause for the injuries. 

Words cannot express the shock, concern and disgust we feel about this situation.

We quickly shared our concerns with parents, launched an aggressive internal investigation and notified both the Madison Police Department and Dane County Child Protective Services. We also implemented and continue to have increased security and monitoring and enlisted the support of a child abuse specialist.

We continue to share our findings with Madison Police Department and Child Protective Services, and though our investigation is not yet complete, we have removed one employee from service.

We realize this news causes sadness and disappointment for the families and community that depend on us for care; we want you to know we share your feelings.

Though we do not yet know the full extent of this issue, please be assured we will do all we can to ensure it never happens again in our hospital.

Because we must support the police in their ongoing investigation and must maintain the privacy of our patients and families, we are limited in the information we can share.

It is one of our greatest privileges as a hospital to nurture these little lives and help build families. Please know our commitment to a resolution of this issue – and to the wellness and safety of each and every patient in our care – could not be stronger.

 Sue Erickson
President & CEO
UnityPoint Health – Meriter