NCAA Healthy Bracket Challenge

NCAA Healthy Bracket Challenge

Instead of putting cash on the line for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament challenge your friends and family to get healthier.

Here’s how to compete:

  1. Fill out your bracket all the way through to the championship round
  2. You’ll notice each team has a seed
  3. If you selected the correct team to advance, you do nothing
  4. If the team you selected loses, you take the team’s seed and do the corresponding activity
  5. Keep a running list of all the things you’ll need to do according to which teams lose
  6. Complete all tasks the day after the game is played

Here are the tasks associated with each seed:

#1 Take the stairs all day

#2 Park at the very back of all parking lots you use

#3 Drink an extra 16 oz. of water

#4 No sugary drinks or alcoholic beverages for the entire day

#5 Eat an extra helping of vegetables that day

#6 Go for a walk

#7 No desserts all day

#8 Swap out 20 minutes of TV watching for 20 minutes of reading

#9 Do something nice for someone

#10 Turn your phone on silent for 1 full hour while at home

#11 Meditate or take 15 minutes for yourself

#12 Spend 10 minutes stretching

#13 Go to bed 15 minutes early

#14 Do 10 pushups right when you wake up in the morning

#15 Call or email a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in awhile

#16 Organize something like your car, a drawer, a toy box, your closet or anything else!

As an example, on March 17 #8 seeded Colorado plays #9 seeded Connecticut. If you select Connecticut to win, but Colorado claims victory, then you’d do activity #8 above (Swap out 20 minutes of TV watching for 20 minutes of reading). If you didn’t select any winnings teams, you’d have a list of eight healthy habits to complete the following day (March 18). Then on March 18, the competition begins again! You’d complete those habits on March 19. After the first round games, you get a break until the second round, which is held on March 21 and March 22. Continue using the list above as the rounds move on toward the championship game.

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