Couple Has Exceptional Experience with UnityPoint Clinic

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Couple Has Exceptional Experience with UnityPoint Clinic
Most people don’t like going to the doctor. Jim and Barb Mead used to be in that boat. But, then things changed. Dr. Terry Kang was a game-changer. 

The Mead’s previous primary care provider moved way, which can lead to a lot of stress with the sense of having to start over. But, this change was a blessing in disguise. The couple started seeing Dr. Kang, a family medicine physician at UnityPoint Clinic in Cedar Rapids.

Jim says clinic visits feel comfortable and personalized because Dr. Kang is genuinely interested in his health and finding solutions he’s comfortable with. Jim and his wife also like that Dr. Kang is accessible on last minute notice when they get sick. 

“We can see him whenever we need to with relative ease – even same-day appointments. Dr. Kang is wonderful, and he takes a personal interest in both of us,” Jim says.

“It is so comforting. We never feel rushed when we see him. He really takes time and listens to us. We are glad we found Dr. Kang and the rest of the team at UnityPoint Clinic. Everyone is professional and knowledgeable,” Barb adds.

Jim says working with Dr. Kang is the best experience he’s ever had with a doctor. 

“We just really love and respect him. He has personally called me to ask how I was doing, follow up on test results, or answer a question I had.”

The Meads also utilize MyUnityPoint, a safe and personalized site for patients, to help manage their care and send any questions they may have to Dr. Kang and his care team. 

“We use MyUnityPoint a lot,” Jim says. “We are able to schedule appointments, message Dr. Kang and read test results. It’s really helpful.”

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