Our Team Members: The Calm in Every Storm

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Marshalltown Cardiology clinic after July 2018 tornado damage
The Midwest’s turbulent summer weather has taken a toll on our Des Moines and Marshalltown communities these past few months. The UnityPoint at Home Taylor House Hospice location was overcome by flood waters in late June, and more recently, the UnityPoint Health – Marshalltown hospital main campus and cardiovascular clinic took a devastating hit after a tornado ripped through much of the area.

Many UnityPoint Health employees have endured significant damage to their personal property and/or lost their homes completely. And yet, they’ve displayed a resilience that is nothing short of amazing. During each of these tragedies, team members showed up and acted fast — moving patients and their families to the safety of our neighboring facilities.

At UnityPoint Health, we promise to show each and every person they matter and to show how we’re here for them — it’s not a gimmick. It’s our way of life. And, our team members live it with such compassion and commitment.

Pam Delagardelle, CEO of UnityPoint Health – Allen Hospital, predicted problems before they happened. Having gone through the F5 Parkersburg tornado, her experience in a situation like this was invaluable. She took charge and kept everyone focused on their job, while keeping patients and our team members at the center of her thoughts and decisions.

Numerous UnityPoint Clinic doctors and clinicians came from nearby affiliates to help. One of our nurses from Parkersburg, whose house had been destroyed in that Parkersburg tornado, even came down to pay it forward. Additionally, one of our medical directors at UnityPoint Clinic – Waterloo was in the emergency department hallway helping patients, families and doctors throughout the evening.

We’re currently in the process of cleanup in both communities and have organized a way to help with the aftermath of the Marshalltown tornado. Our people are amazing. Most days, because of what they do during business hours. But during events such as these, we’re reminded of how fortunate we are to have a team truly called to care.