Online Patient Financial Estimates Now Available

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calculator on forms; Online Patient Financial Estimates Now Available

UnityPoint Health is dedicated to providing you with the information you need to keep your health on point, including details regarding our charges, your costs and information about financial assistance that may be available to you. We want to always deliver easier, more personal care to you and your family. 

Out-of-Pocket Cost Estimates

When you need hospital services, you may wonder how much your care will cost. UnityPoint Health provides patients with out-of-pocket cost estimates based on your planned hospital services and your insurance carrier/plan.  

To request a cost estimate, we now provide a secure online form located on the “Patient Charges and Costs” web page in each region (see list below) in the section “How UnityPoint Health Can Help You Understand Your Cost of Care”. Or, you may continue to ask for a price estimate by making a phone call and speaking with one of our financial representatives. 

How it Works

Our financial coordinators are available to provide individualized cost estimates based on the type of hospital care you plan to receive and your insurance information. Our team will verify your insurance coverage and benefits, including your plan's required co-payments, deductible cost, co-insurance and the maximum out-of-pocket cost specified in your plan. We can also discuss payment options.

If you have health insurance, it is best to also contact your insurance provider. Many insurance providers offer estimates for your out-of-pocket costs based on your plan's specific benefits. Your insurance provider may also have information to help you compare price and quality measures for the healthcare providers available to you.

Providing timely and helpful charge and cost information to you is important to us. UnityPoint Health will continue to improve how we share financial information with you. As you plan for your health care needs, be sure to visit the “Patient Charges and Costs” page below for the latest information or contact us at:

Patient Charges & Costs Page for Your Location