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Family Medicine Doctors in Peoria and Surrounding Areas in Illinois

In addition to serving Peoria, Illinois, our other Family Medicine Clinics include:

The Trusted Provider of Family Medicine in Peoria, Illinois

UnityPoint Health - Methodist is the trusted provider of Family Medicine in Peoria, Illinois, making it easy to find a friendly and experienced doctor to meet your entire family's needs. 

When looking to find a doctor in Peoria, Illinois, you expect more than just expert care. You want a team of medical professionals that are working together to coordinate all aspects of your care, where and when you need it the most.

You can think of Family Medicine or Primary Care as your medical home where all your health-related information lives. Family Medicine is your first point of entry for health care services. Your Family Medicine Provider will help keep you health, manage chronic diseases, and connect you with higher levels of care when you need it.

Family Medicine Providers can be physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants. Family Medicine Clinics are typically located in the community where you work or live and give you ready access to your own personal doctor or to other providers in the practice when needed. Family Medicine Physicians also maintain a wide variety of referral relationships for specialty care needs.