Patient Rights & Safety

As a patient or patient representative at Grundy County Memorial Hospital, you have the right:

  • To have someone tell you your rights and responsibilities
  • To be told about your illness and your plan of care
  • To be told the name of your caregivers, their job title and what they will be doing for you
  • To have your questions answered
  • To be treated with respect. It does not matter what your religion, lifestyle, cultural beliefs or financial status is, you will not be denied care you need.
  • To have your property protected.
  • To feel safe and secure.
  • To have your pain or discomfort evaluated and managed.
  • To complain about a person, your care or your surroundings without fear of being treated differently or having an interruption in your plan of care.
  • To file a formal complaint or suggestions with the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals by calling (515) 281-7107 or the Iowa Foundation for Medical Care at (800) 752-7014.
  • To expect good communication with your healthcare team even if you have trouble seeing, hearing, or understanding what is said or what is given to you in writing.
  • To look at your medical records according to the hospital policies.
  • To have your hospital charges and insurance coverage explained to you.
  • To consent to or to refuse a test or treatment and have the results of your decision explained to you.
  • To be an active part in the decisions made about your plan of care.
  • To have the right to choose your care options if you should need health care after you go home.
  • To not feel forced to do anything you do not want to do.
  • To be informed of the dangers and advantages of any treatments or service.
  • To have spiritual care and pastoral services.
  • To have your wishes honored and respected.
  • To legally choose someone to speak for you if you are not able to speak for yourself. This is called an Advanced Directive.
  • To accept or refuse any research related to your care or condition.
  • To know that Grundy County Memorial Hospital respects your privacy. We will treat you and your health care information with security and privacy.
  • To get quality care even if you don't have insurance or enough money. 

As a patient at Grundy County Memorial Hospital, you or your patient representative is responsible:

  • To give us your health information so we can develop your plan of care, treatment, and services. Examples would be a listing of all your pills and medicine that you take, past surgeries or illnesses, doctor(s) you go to, etc.
  • To tell your doctors and nurses if you think you cannot follow through with your plan of care and why.
  • To accept the outcomes if you decide not to follow through with your plan of care.
  • To openly report your pain or discomfort.
  • To tell us your ideas for improving your care.
  • To tell us your insurance information or your need arrange a payment plan for your hospital bill.
  • To respect other patients and their families. They have a right to safety, comfort, privacy, and quiet surroundings just as you do.
  • To be honest.
  • To follow the hospital rules, including no smoking and noise control.
  • To make every effort to understand your problems by asking questions.
  • To try to follow the directions and advice offered by the staff.
  • To speak up and tell your nurse if you feel your rights are being violated.