Family-Centered Care | Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa
Blank Children's Hospital

Family-Centered Care

Family-centered care is an approach to health care where patients, families and health care professionals form a working partnership that benefits everyone involved. A "family" is recognized as anyone whom patients regard as significant in their lives. Families are not considered "visitors" but essential nurturers, caregivers and participants in the care and decisions that affect the total healing of the child.

Health care providers communicate and share all relevant information with patients and families in ways that are affirming and useful. Family-centered care focuses on the child and family's strengths. We recognize that family is the constant in a patient's life. Here's what family-centered care looks like at Blank Children's Hospital:

  • We facilitate family and professional collaboration at all levels of health care.
  • We honor racial, ethnic, cultural, age and socioeconomic diversity in all families.
  • We recognize and respect the differences in family strengths, individuality and coping methods and try to build on those.
  • We continually share with patients and families complete information.
  • We encourage and facilitate family support.
  • We understand and incorporate developmental needs into our health care systems and delivery.
  • We implement policies and programs that provide emotional and financial support to all families.
  • We aim to design accessible health care that is flexible, culturally competent and responsive to family-identified needs.
  • We offer choices, whenever possible, and support the patient and family in their decisions.
  • We are sensitive and responsive to the unique needs of all of our patients and families each time we meet.