Community Involvement | Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines
Blank Children's Hospital

Community Commitment

Blank Children's Hospital is committed to improving the lives of children and families. This commitment extends beyond the walls of our hospital. We believe in supporting our community through programs and services that directly and indirectly help patients and families:

  • Pediatric Residency Program: We are one of two hospitals in the state training future pediatricians. In doing so, we help ensure children into the future have access to specialized pediatric care.
  • Medical Training: Our medical training is not limited to our residency program. We offer future nurses, pharmacists, radiology technicians and Child Life specialists the opportunity to learn and develop their skills. In doing so, we help to ensure Iowans have access to the best in pediatric care for years to come.
  • Center for Advocacy & Outreach: We believe in caring for all kids - those within our hospital walls and beyond. Programs that reach across our state are targeted in the key areas of advocacy, injury prevention, community health and medical outreach.
  • Specialized Pediatric Care: We are committed to offering children access to specialized pediatric care. We are continually recruiting for new providers to join Blank Children's Hospital in areas of need for patients.
  • Quality Care: Our doctors and nurses are delivering high-quality care to patients. Quality care means patients get better faster, and need less hospitalization. We strive to provide the best outcomes to every patient, every time we see them.
  • Financial Assistance: No child is ever turned away. We will provide care to any child in need, regardless of ability to pay. We work with many insurance providers, state programs and those without insurance to ensure they get the care they need.

Going Beyond Our Walls

Through our Center for Advocacy and Outreach, we have created several programs to help encourage health and safety among children and parents. Our primary initiatives include safety and injury prevention, community health and medical outreach. Our Medical Outreach team travels across the state to provide education for health care professionals and emergency medical services personnel that care for children in the most critical moments. Our goal is to ensure that all children in Iowa get the highest level of care when they need it most.

Healthy Encouragement

Getting kids to be healthy takes more than lecture, it has to become a learned behavior. Our focus is to encourage healthy habits through nutrition and physical activity - so that health becomes a part of children's lives. We offer online tools that help educate and motivate children to make healthy food choices and provide ideas to keep them active. Our goal is to prevent growth in childhood obesity.