Youth Prevention Education

Impressive Results for the Second Year of Digital Youth Prevention Education Programs

UnityPoint Health is pleased to share our 2020 impact reports for the Mental Wellness Basics and Prescription Drug Safety online education programs. The digital courses supported both in-class and distance learning during the widespread school closures driven by the COVID-19 pandemic during the past academic year. To date, more than 10,000 students have taken the course in more than 100 schools in Iowa and Illinois.

Some of the impressive highlights from the past school year include: 

  • The two programs had more than 8,400 students participate
  • Students logged more than 6,000 hours of learning time
  • In the Prescription Drug Safety program, students displayed a 38 percent knowledge gain, while students in Mental Wellness Basics had a 31 percent knowledge gain (based on their pre- and post-course assessments)
  • Students who completed the Prescription Drug Safety Program reported a 137 percent increase in feeling prepared to help a friend dealing with an issue involving prescription drugs

After taking the courses, students rate their knowledge gain and share thoughts about the material. Here are a few representative comments:

"This course gave you many ways to notice a drug overdose and the symptoms of each drug. I would have never known how to help someone having a drug overdose if it weren't for this course." - Des Moines student

"I like hearing about realistic situations and problems that people go through. I appreciated the section on how to help others because I have friends with metal illnesses, and I always had a hard time trying to figure out what I can do to help." - Waterloo student

Read the latest impact report for your region:


Youth Prevention Education Programs for Schools

UnityPoint Health is helping to educate middle and high school students about the dangers of prescription drug and opioid misuse and the importance of building, maintaining and promoting positive mental health.

The Prescription Drug Safety course and Mental Wellness Basics course are being provided to middle and high schools throughout Iowa and Illinois. The courses were designed to help students develop and grow skills to make safe and healthy decisions for themselves, their families and their communities. Both courses are sponsored by UnityPoint Health and provided free of charge to schools, educators and students.

Prescription Drug Safety

The UnityPoint Health Prescription Drug Safety course helps prepare teens to stand up against prescription drug and opioid abuse by educating students on the science of addiction, safe use of prescription drugs, refusal skills and how to support a friend.

Mental Wellness Basics

The UnityPoint Health Mental Wellness Basics course is designed to equip students in grades eight through 12 with the knowledge and skills necessary to build, maintain and promote positive mental health in themselves and their peers.

Schools May Use Both Courses at No Charge

To see if these courses are available in your area, and to learn how to bring the programs to your school, please contact Ashley Thompson at (515) 537-6089 or

Both courses were developed by education technology innovator EVERFI, Inc. EVERFI is a leading education technology company that provides learners of all ages with education that tackles some of society's' toughest challenges, through innovative and scalable digital learning.