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Employee Giving Campaign 2019

We Matter Together 2019 Employee Giving Campaign

September 10, 2018 through January 31, 2019

Consider a gift during our Employee Giving Campaign. 100% of every dollar goes to the area you designate when you give a gift to the Allen Foundation. Your gift, in combination with support from hundreds of your fellow team members, will fund programs and services right in our community.

Seize the Opportunity

Your decision to support our We Matter Together 2019 Employee Giving Campaign changes – and saves – lives every day. It supports critical equipment in departments from the Birthing Center to Rehabilitation. It supports enhanced technology at Allen College. It supports Hospice patients by providing them with lift chairs. It supports you and your community. It supports your colleagues through the Employee Assistance fund.

Every Gift Matters

Your participation is important. Your support at any level helps us make an impact for our patients and the healthcare in our community. Your gift shows other donors you support UnityPoint Health – Waterloo ... and that means they will be more likely to do so too. Every gift matters!

Join the One Hour Club

A great way to make an impact is by donating PTO.

One Hour Club (Allen Foundation Employee Giving Campaign)

Donate one hour per pay period (26 hours over the year) and receive a new badge holder and celebrate with the "One Hour Club" at the end of the Employee Giving Campaign.

"I have been at Allen for over 14 years, putting me at a higher PTO accrual rate. Giving one hour per pay period really does not have an effect on me, but it has a great effect on my contribution to the Allen Foundation," says One Hour Club member Steve Cusher.

How to Make Your Gift

Thank you for making your community better for you, your family, your neighbors and friends!