Neonatal Transport | Allen Hospital in Waterloo

Neonatal Transport

When critical care is needed, nothing replaces speed of care, expertise and experience.

Our affiliation with the UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's NICU in Cedar Rapids means babies are sometimes transferred to St. Luke's from Allen with our neonatal transport team, which uses a high-frequency portable ventilator aboard Lifeguard air ambulance.

  • The St. Luke's Neonatal Transport Team consists of registered nurses and respiratory therapists who are specially trained in the management and transport of critically ill or premature newborns.
  • St. Luke's high-frequency ventilation uses very rapid rates of breathing, very often at four to five hundred times a minute, to allow infants to breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide when other more conventional forms of ventilation are inadequate. The ventilator vastly improves the outcomes of critically ill infants.
  • First in the Midwest to provide both air and ground transport using the high-frequency ventilator, St. Luke's transport teams is one of only a few transport teams in the entire country who provide this service.