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Mom Strong

You want to make the strongest choices for your baby. Makes sense. You're a strong woman. You're rearranging the nursery for a third time, installing gates on the stairs to your basement, researching which bouncy seat offers the best lumbar support - and all the while a little person is kicking around in your belly.

You've got this thing under control but you want a strong team to back you up in the doctor's office, delivery room and beyond. We get it. So, let's talk.

I'm having a baby. What do I need to do first?

1. Find a doctor for you and your baby

  • Remember that when you choose a doctor for your pregnancy, you need to choose a pediatrician for your new baby as well. 

2. Choose a birthing center

  • This is where you will bring your baby into the world. Whoa. Take into consideration staff experience, one on one care, size and number of birth suites, and the level of care provided at the NICU (just in case you need it).

3. Tour birth care centers

  • Every facility is different and you want to make sure to pick the right place to have your baby. So make an appointment to go walk around the birth care center and ask some questions. 

4. Pre-register your delivery

  • There's no need for added stress at the hospital. Take care of the paperwork before the contractions start by providing your contact, mailing and insurance information online.

5. Read up on credible pregnancy tips

  • Once you start showing, your bump is going to attract quite a bit of unsolicited advice. Take what you hear with a grain of salt and remember to ask an actual medical professional if you have any questions.

6. Go to your first pre-natal appointment 

  • Providers typically schedule the first visit at about the eight-week mark (which gives you plenty of time to sort out the first five steps on the list).

Why choose Allen Hospital? 

The most personal care

From the first heartbeat to the first smile, every baby is unique. Our patient satisfaction ranks in the top 10 percent nationally because our personalized care puts you at the center of everything we do. 

The best backup plan

We expect your delivery to go smoothly. However, one out of every ten babies needs some extra help during their first few days in the world. The trained specialty team in our Level II NICU has the experience give your little miracle the best possible start. 

The most committed team

Leaving the hospital after having your baby is an exciting time, but it comes with some challenges. Our team stays with you to make sure your baby is progressing on a healthy schedule. With dedication and compassion, we are ready to share every moment of the journey with you.

Learn more about all things baby at Allen.