How do I know if baby is latched correctly?

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How do I know if baby is latched correctly?

This is one of the most important things to successful breastfeeding for both baby and mom.

  • Support breast with hands & fingers off of the areola.
  • C-hold for football, U-hold for modified cradle
  • Mother's thumb is placed on breast where baby's nose will be pointing
  • Angle nipple toward baby's nose or roof of baby's mouth
  • Stroke baby's upper lip with mom's nipple
  • Wait for wide open mouth (like a big yawn)
  • Bring baby onto the breast, baby's lower lip needs to be ┬Ż to 1 inch below nipple base on areola and upper lip just over mom's nipple
  • Baby's upper and lower lips pouty and baby's mouth should remain wide open. The corners of baby's upper and lower lips should NOT touch.
  • Mom feels a strong tug with each suck, but not a lot of discomfort
  • Baby sucks consistently and vigorously
  • Nipple is rounded when it comes out of baby's mouth, not pointed or pinched

Please call Allen Hospital's Lactation Consultant with questions at (319) 226-BABY (2229).