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Allen Foundation 2022 Wish Book

This wish book represents some of the immediate healthcare needs in the Cedar Valley. Some wishes are small, and some are quite large, but each is important in sustaining the great healthcare provided by Allen. Your gifts matter and they mean more when we give together. Allen is here for the community, but we are also here because of the support of our community.

Every year, with your generosity, the Foundation returns roughly $2 million to the hospital, college, clinics and UnityPoint Hospice.

Join us in investing in the best, local healthcare and we promise, we will be here for you and your family when you need us.

Choose an Area of Need

To learn about our current needs, click a department below and find an area of need that speaks to you.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please call the Allen Foundation at (319) 235-3960 or email


Bili Blankets

null 6 needed
$3,500 each

Bili Blankets are used for babies who need non-invasive treatment for newborn jaundice.They allow babies to be held and fed while still receiving this treatment. Sometimes these are used alongside an overhead light, so babies have phototherapy (light therapy) on both sides of their bodies at once. Bili Blankets are used for both Newborn and Pediatric patients. Donate now >>>

Transcutaneous Bili Meter

null 2 needed
$6,500 each

This meter measures the jaundice in a baby's skin. The meter allows clinical staff to screen babies, eliminating the need to "poke" the patient for a lab draw. Every newborn is screened at least once before discharge from the Allen Birthing Center. Donate now >>>

Recliners for Parents

null 9 needed
$3,000 each

We utilize recliners in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to allow parents to hold their premature or medically fragile babies, touching skin to skin in a reclined position. This skin to skin contact is a best practice for NICU patients. These recliners are made with a special fabric that allows for thorough cleaning between patients. The recliners are also on wheels to allow for easy transportation from room to room. Donate now >>>


null 20 needed
$4,000 each

Every newborn uses a bassinet as their bed while in the hospital. These bassinets are specially made to allow for clinical staff to provide any help a patient may need at birth, while transforming to a baby crib, after delivery, by securing the side rails in the upright position. They have storage drawers that hold baby bath supplies, diapers, wipes and extra baby blankets for families to use. The bassinets adjust in height for families and providers/staff of different heights. Donate now >>>

Pediatrics Room Renovations

null 10 rooms
$33,000 per room

When the Allen Birthing Center and NICU were recently expanded and renovated, the adjacent Pediatrics Unit only received very little upgrades in the main corridor. To bring this Unit up to date with the Maternity Units, further upgrades must be made. Room renovations will include new lighting, a new fan coil unit, new doors, cabinets, countertops, sinks, flooring and paint. Donate now >>>


Sonosite Ultrasound Machine

null $25,000

This important piece of equipment helps with pain control for surgical patients. A Sonosite machine is particularly useful for more common surgeries such as surgery on a patient's shoulder or knee. Surgical nerve blocks are used for numbing an area of great pain after a surgery. This is part of a skilled bedside procedure that requires an anesthesia provider to inject medication in a specific spot on the patient's body. A Sonosite is used to identify this spot. Donate now >>>

Staff Education / Certifications


Continued professional development and education of leaders and employees of any organization is extremely important, especially for clinical staff. This is why the UnityPoint Health – Allen Foundation has established the Surgical Services Education Fund to help promote further education and investment in our teams. This means that our team will be even more prepared to take care of your needs should you need us at Allen Hospital. Higher level training and education also further fosters engagement and unity. Donate now >>>


Vital Sign Machine

null $4,000 each

These machines are used multiple times every shift by nurses in the care of patients on medical and surgical units. A vital sign machine checks blood pressure, oxygen levels, pulse and other important health indicators as nurses and physicians analyze patients. They are indispensable tools for our healthcare team. Many of the existing machines were put into service as early as 2002 with a majority of them placed in service before 2012. The average lifespan of a Vital Sign Machine is 10 years. Donate now >>>

X3 Monitors

null $5,000 each

The medical floors at Allen Hospital are in need of X3 Monitors to be mounted in all patient rooms. Due to the acuity of patients in certain areas of the hospital, monitors mounted in each room would be beneficial to both the patient and the nursing staff. Our nurses are trained to manage various cardiac infusions that require seeing the patient's heart rhythm at the bedside. Allen also has a large volume of patients who go to procedures requiring conscious sedation, and routine vital signs are required to be checked at specific intervals following the patient's return to the floor. The X3 monitors have the capability to automatically document those vital signs into the electronic record and X3 can be programmed to automatically take vital signs at specified intervals. As we navigate the ongoing pandemic, we continue to see a great deal of patients who are being treated for active COVID-19 infection. For these patients, the X3 monitors can also function to continuously monitor the patient's oxygen saturations. This allows for one less piece of equipment to be used in the room, and for staff to be able to see the patient's oxygen saturations both at the bedside and on a monitor screen at the nurse's station. Donate now >>>


Outpatient Draw Area


A great deal of lab draws take place in an outpatient setting. Currently, patients who need a quick lab draw, are asked to come into the Hospital, register and wait for an available provider to help them. By providing a specific space, at an easy to access location in the Hospital, these patients can avoid the crowds and waiting and finish their draw in a timely manner. Donate now >>>

Expanded Courier Service


We already know how important a reliable Courier Service is to a health system, but we have gained an even greater appreciation after seeing the affects of COVID-19 on our staff and processes. With increased testing, our Couriers are called on even more, traveling longer routes day and night. This puts a strain on not only our staff, but also our fleet of vehicles. Funds in support of expanding our Courier Service will help as we look to increase this staff and increase the number of reliable vehicles in our Courier fleet. Donate now >>>

In-House Tube System


An in-house tube system is common for most hospitals the size of Allen. Much like the drive-thru at a bank, this system allows a lab to send and receive quickly with the Emergency Department (ED) and medical floors throughout the healthcare facility. An in-house tube system would benefit all floors of Allen Hospital. The current system is limited to only the ED and one medical floor, relying on a "runner" to pick up and deliver samples and tests. The use of a runner, takes that individual away from their other work, takes longer than a tube system and requires the use of limited personal protective equipment. Donate now >>>


Behavioral Health Walk-In Clinic


Just like any other patient with an illness, injury or additional health care need, patients seeking help with their mental health need an access point when they require urgent support, but the need does not constitute a visit to the emergency department.

The new Mental Health Walk-In Clinic opened in the fall of 2021 and works much like an Urgent Care clinic, allowing those who need help to get it when they want it, now.

The clinic is housed at Allen Hospital and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to serve those with urgent needs.

Since this clinic is a new service of UnityPoint Health – Waterloo, to best serve our community, general financial support is being sought. Gifts will help with startup expenses and unexpected costs to ensure this new clinic is sustainable for years to come. Donate now >>>

Black Hawk-Grundy Mental Health Center


Did you know that one in every five people in the U.S. is impacted by mental illness? The Black Hawk-Grundy Mental Health Center (BHGMHC) provides comprehensive and accessible mental health services for children, adolescents, adults, older adults, couples and families.

BHGMHC is a private, nonprofit, community mental health center accredited by the Iowa Department of Human Services. Our experienced staff design treatments to meet your specific needs. The BHGMHC serves those with short-term and long-term needs.

The BHGMHC has served the surrounding community for more than 70 years. During that time, our services have helped more than 70,000 individuals and families impacted by mental illness. The Center currently provides a number of services and programs that have been developed in response to identified community needs. These services include school-based mental health, services to the homeless, a Mental Health Recovery Peer Support Center, Mental Health Re-Entry for those in the criminal justice system and Integrated Health Home services for children and adults. Donate now >>>

Behavioral Health Outpatient Services


We know true wellness is much more than physical well-being. We're committed to providing solutions that address all areas of health, including mental and emotional health.

In addition to our partnership with the Black Hawk-Grundy Mental Health Center and the Allen Hospital Inpatient Mental Health Unit, we also offer a variety of other services as well:

  • Behavioral Health Consultants: This team meets the needs of mental health patients who present in the Emergency Department to help listen to their concerns as well as get them set up with the appropriate level of care. The goal of this team is to help patients get their mental health needs met in an emergent situation.
  • Mental Health Walk-in Clinic: The Mental Health Walk-In Clinic is an urgent care setting for those who need immediate help with mental health needs. The goal of this clinic is to create immediate mental health access to our community for non-life threatening mental health needs.
  • Chemical Dependency: This team completes substance abuse evaluations for individuals in our inpatient setting to assess substance use/abuse and help set up substance abuse treatment if needed.
  • Employee Assistance Program: EAP provides free short-term mental health counseling to not only our regional UnityPoint Health team members, but also over 70 companies in the area. The benefit is for employees, spouses and their dependents.

Donate now >>>

Serenity Room


This is a space for our Allen team members to utilize to get a quick break, have a quiet moment to re-group, or have time to focus on their purpose. As healthcare workers have managed the pandemic and staffing shortages, we see burnout on the rise, and this is a space to help team members get some more balance in their workday while they are helping others. Donate now >>>


Physical Capacity Profile (PCP)

null $30,000

A Physical Capacity Profile is used by many employers in industries where regular physical labor takes place such as distribution/supply chain and construction. The PCP demonstrates how much weight and force an individual can exert while lifting, pushing, or pulling without injury. Our Occupational Health team has a PCP machine that is 10 years old and is housed in our Cedar Falls location. Currently, employers must send their employees to that location for this service. Our need is to replace this older PCP machine and in doing so purchase a mobile unit, which would allow our trained professionals to visit locations around the Cedar Valley and test multiple employees on-site. Additionally, the newer models are smaller and offer a shorter test, saving time for all involved. Donate now >>>


Vital Signs Monitor

null 3 needed
$3,115 each

Vital sign monitors help to provide efficient and accurate information about the current status of our patients. Our Wound Center has six patient rooms but only three monitors which often delays the care we are providing for our patients. Our hope is to have one monitor for each room so as soon as patients are seated we are able to obtain their vitals and do not have to leave the room or wait for a monitor to become available. Donate now >>>


Employee Assistance Fund


Unfortunately disaster and hardship are a part of life. The Employee Assistance Fund was established to help employees when they face such a crisis. If a team member has experienced a fire, flood, spouse loss of job or other devastating, unexpected event, the employee can apply for some financial help. Donate now >>>


IMPACT Allen Hospital Fund


The Allen Foundation's IMPACT Allen Hospital Fund solicits program and equipment grant requests that further the mission, vision and FOCUS values of UnityPoint Health – Allen Hospital. The IMPACT Allen Hospital Fund's purpose is to enable team members, physicians and volunteers to enhance the patient experience. The IMPACT Fund serves as the "general" fund of the Allen Foundation. Donate now >>>


Champion Excellence Fund


The Champion Excellence Fund provides professional development opportunities for UnityPoint Health – Allen Hospital team members seeking to further our mission, vision and FOCUS values. Money granted from the fund allows for team members to learn through conferences, seminars and certifications. The fund helps to ensure Allen has a well-trained workforce. Donate now >>>


Stop the Bleed Kits

$60 each

In any school setting accidents, injury and unfortunately, sometimes disaster, can occur. A stop the bleed kit is used by school nurses to help if one of these situations takes place. The kit includes items like a tourniquet, dressing, gloves and bandages to help care for a patient who is bleeding. Currently, in our In- School program, we have a very limited number of Stop the Bleed Kits. Ideally, a kit would be available anywhere that an automated external defibrillator (AED) is located. Donate now >>>


PET / CT Scanner

$1.4 million

Currently, our PET/ CT Scan services are contracted through a mobile unit on a truck that comes to Allen Hospital twice a week. This is the same level of services provided at other hospitals in the Cedar Valley. However, as we see more patients and have a greater need, we must respond and elevate our services. The new PET/CT Scanner would be in-house at Allen Hospital and would be available five days a week.

PET/CT is a growing area of nuclear medicine as well as our Oncology service line among others. A PET/CT Scanner can help in the identification, assessment and treatment of different types of cancers including prostate cancer and breast cancer. At present, PET/CT predominately serves our Oncology service line providing imaging to better assess cancer staging, tumor growth and recurrence. Since early detection is a priority, oftentimes a provider will order a scan for the following day. If our current mobile unit is not available, consistency in local care is interrupted as the patient would need to find access outside of the Cedar Valley for a timely scan.

With its superior capabilities for cancer staging and tumor assessment, the Oncology service line needs greater availability and access to PET/CT imaging to support a growing demand. The new onsite PET/CT will satisfy this need and will help keep care close to home. Donate now >>>

Mozart 3D Breast Specimen Unit


Currently, breast tissue specimens removed from patients during surgery are imaged on the mammography unit at Allen Hospital. This new portable specimen-specific unit would image the tissue sample without the need to transport the specimen to the radiology department. It would give the surgeon the information needed to complete the surgery much more quickly. The new unit also provides a significant improvement in image quality. Donate now >>>

Other Needs


CT Contrast Injector Units

Two needed
$68,500 each   Donate now >>>

Siemens Symbia Nuclear Medicine Camera

$350,000   Donate now >>>

Nurse Call System

• $120,000 – Allen Hospital   Donate now >>>
• $60,000 – United Medical Park   Donate now >>>

Brevera Biopsy System

$94,000   Donate now >>>

MRI Contrast Injector Unit

$50,500   Donate now >>>

Radiologist Ergonomic Tier Worktable

$16,000   Donate now >>>


Technology for Virtual Health & Telehealth


Health care has changed a great deal over the years, especially as we continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual care and telephonic care have been a priority in the outpatient setting for some time, as both options offer ease, convenience and lesser cost for the patient. In today's world, these options are not only convenient, but are necessary to keep patients and healthcare providers safe. Support of virtual health and telehealth will allow UnityPoint Clinic to continue to respond to the needs of our patients while adhering to recommended safety measures. Donate now >>>

Addiction Medicine


Currently, UnityPoint Clinic offers addiction medicine services in an outpatient setting. However, there is great need for an inpatient treatment program. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 15-20% of Americans meet the criteria for substance abuse. Gifts to support the growth of this program would initially help to provide literature for patients as well as safe prescriptions used in addiction medicine. Further support in the future could help in expanding space to allow for an addiction counselor and ultimately enough space to treat and house patients recovering from addiction. Donate now >>>

LGBTQ+ Clinic


UnityPoint Clinic offers dedicated healthcare services in a comfortable and welcoming environment to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning communities. Safe Zone trained providers will ensure compassion and understanding for all patients. The LGBTQ+ Clinic offers a variety of services and is open from 5 to 7 p.m. on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Donate now >>>


Scholarships, Equipment, Campus Enhancements & Technology Updates


Allen College has a tradition of more than 90 years of excellence in healthcare education. Allen College students may enroll in a variety of degree programs ranging from an associate degree to a doctorate degree. Allen College is a private, post-secondary institution and is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The college is organized in two schools: Health Sciences and Nursing. The School of Nursing hosts academic programs specifically related to nursing ranging from Bachelor degrees through a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. The School of Health Sciences has programs ranging from an Associate degree through the Doctor of Education degree. The School of Health Sciences has a much more diverse range of programs including imaging sciences, laboratory sciences, public health, rehabilitation sciences and health professions education. Our academic degree programs thrive in an environment that facilitates student achievement of academic excellence and clinical competence with emphasis on the art of human caring. Allen College is here for the community and is here because of the community. All of our buildings were funded through private support and each year close to $1 million is awarded in scholarships. Gifts in support of Allen College help provide scholarships, equipment, campus enhancements and technology updates. Donate now >>>

Allen College Engagement & Salvation Army Partnership (ACE-SAP) Free Medical Clinic


The ACE-SAP Clinic is a partnership with the Salvation Army offering preventive healthcare, while serving as a resource for experiential learning through service. Care is provided by registered nurses who are students in the Allen College nurse practitioner program as part of a clinical and service learning requirement. The students are supervised by a certified nurse practitioner instructor and provide free care to the uninsured or under-insured. Donate now >>>

Summer Nurse & Health Careers Camp


Summer Nurse & Health Careers Camp is a free, six-week career exploration and college preparation program that supports up to 30 area high school students interested in nursing and health sciences. Programming features a unique blend of classroom and immersion activities designed to increase access to educational and employment opportunities. Donate now >>>


Cardiac Rehabilitation Equipment


The Allen Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation program is in need of updated, state-of-the-art equipment to enhance the experience for patients and adequately meet their needs. Items such as new treadmills, recumbent bikes and ellipticals will further support our commitment to provide the best outcome for every patient, every time. Donate now >>>



ACIST is a contrast delivery system. This is used in the Cath Lab as well as with our new TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement) procedures. An ACIST decreases the amount of contrast used during procedures. This new system would increase safety for the patient as well as the provider and is also a more cost effective and efficient option. Donate now >>>

Technology to Connect Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients with Providers


We have learned a lot about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our community. Finding safe access to health care has been one of those struggles, especially with patients in the Cardiac Rehabilitation program. UnityPoint Health has done a great deal of work to make video and telephone consultations a reality for many patients. Cardiac Services would like to provide this same ease of care to connect our providers with patients to help monitor exercise, diet and overall health. Donate now >>>


G.I.F.T. Fund


What's in a G.I.F.T.? It is an act or service that makes another happier or less sad. At UnityPoint Hospice, we are "Giving it Forward Together" one hospice patient at a time. Sometimes it may be just a small thing like remembering a birthday or anniversary with a card, balloons and even a small cake. It could be a "big" thing such as a wedding, a trip to a baseball game or one more horseback ride. The G.I.F.T. Fund is about creating joyous moments for our patients and their families. Donate now >>>

We Honor Veterans


Waterloo is proud to provide the We Honor Veterans program to ensure every veteran receiving hospice care gets the proper attention and recognition they deserve – particularly at the end of life's journey. We Honor Veterans is a national awareness campaign conducted by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs. The program assists health care providers to better understand the challenges veterans may be facing due to illness, isolation or traumatic life experiences. Donate now >>>

Comfort Therapies, Educational Programs & Medical Equipment


At UnityPoint Hospice, our goal is to support patients and their families to live every moment fully. No one in need of hospice care is ever refused assistance by UnityPoint Hospice, regardless of their ability to pay. Since not all of our services and programs are reimbursed by medical insurance, we depend on the generosity of individuals like you to help us ensure our end-of-life patients can receive the quality, compassionate hospice care they deserve. Your donation will be used to support our hospice mission and programs. This includes comfort therapies like massage and music therapy, educational programs on pain and symptom control and end-of-life issues, and medical equipment to provide comfort for patients with life-limiting illnesses. Every financial contribution to UnityPoint Hospice makes a difference in the lives of those we serve. You can also honor the memory of a loved one by making a donation in their name to UnityPoint Hospice. No matter the size of the donation, any bit helps our patients and their families when they need it most. Your contribution makes a difference in the lives of the patients and families we serve. Donate now >>>


Big Wheel Stretchers

null 15 needed
$12,000 each

Stretchers in the Emergency Department are in constant use as we transport patients to receive care. Emergency Department Stretchers need to be up to date with the latest technology to help effectively care for patients. For example, most medications are based on weight, so these Stretchers need to have the ability to weigh a patient. Oftentimes a patient in the Emergency Department would not be able to stand up and be weighed on a traditional scale. Additional enhanced technology includes patient controls allowing for patients to adjust their position to help provide better comfort. Donate now >>>

Rapid Infuser

null 2 needed
$10,000 each

These devices will be used in the Emergency Department and Operating Room when a patient experiences blood loss related to trauma or major surgery. Currently, we have just one device in each department and both are past their life expectancy. The new machines offer much needed safety features as well. Donate now >>>

Community Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program


UnityPoint Health - Allen Hospital, the Allen Child Protection Center, Riverview, MercyOne Waterloo and MercyOne Cedar Falls have partnered to develop a Community Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program. Currently there are inconsistencies in practice and a lack of trained sexual assault nurses in Black Hawk County.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 22,571 women and 9,443 men in Black Hawk County will experience sexual violence. As a team, our goal is to improve services for those who seek medical attention. We estimate 80 cases at Allen with additional patients each year once the program is developed.

It is crucial to have immediate access to coordinated crisis services after a sexual assault. This includes access to a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) for evidence collection. Currently this is managed at each individual hospital, and we do not have consistent SANE nurse coverage which results in transfers to other facilities or kits being completed by RNs without SANE training.

To reduce duplication of services, develop SANE nurse training, improve quality of evidence collection, increase advocate involvement and ultimately maintain 24/7 coverage for survivors in Black Hawk County, Riverview has hired a part time SANE coordinator. This person is an independent contractor who will manage a group of independent SANE nurses who will be trained according to state regulations and best practices.

Both UnityPoint Health and MercyOne will share equal amounts of annual expenses which will be maintained within our operational budgets.

It is critical that a sexual assault victim has access to coordinated crisis services. This leads to better evidence collection, standardized protocols and procedures that include SANE services which will result in more survivors served and improved coordination between law, medical and victim services. Donate now >>>


Allen Child Protection Center Needs

null Make a Lasting Difference for Children

Since opening in 2010, the Allen Child Protection Center (ACPC) has served over 4,000 patients. The ACPC provides immediate assistance for children and dependent adults who are the suspected victims of abuse, or who may have witnessed violence.

The services of the ACPC are needed now more than ever, with a steady increase in patients served over the last 3 years. In fact, in 2017, the ACPC was the first in the state of Iowa to establish a satellite location in Mason City, IA to meet the increased needs of an expanded service area.

 Allen Child Protection Center staff train hundreds of community members and professionals each year on ways to protect children from abuse. The ACPC also offers general awareness and educational presentations in the 27 counties served.

The ACPC exists to help children during their most hurtful and vulnerable moments. Staff members provide medical exams, forensic interviews, family advocacy and counseling on site or by referral for children who may have been abused, their families and adult survivors of abuse or violence.

The ACPC is funded by both government and private support. Patients and their families are NOT billed for any services. Donors make a lasting difference for children in the Cedar Valley.

Your donation helps provide:

  • A small gift to the child after their appointment
  • A new backpack filled with personal hygiene items, a blanket and other basic necessities for children in foster care
  • Educational materials for children, parents and the community in general
  • Child abuse prevention training in our community – creating more advocates for our children
  • Care for a patient at the Allen Child Protection Center when abuse has occurred

Donate now >>>


Ultrasound Machine

null $35,000

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) needs to replace the current Ultrasound Machine on the unit. The current machine is quite old which leads to difficulty reading the screen and decreased functionality. This is a critical piece of equipment used on a daily basis in a highly acute area of the hospital. Donate now >>>


Thank you for your interest in supporting high quality, local health care through the work of the Allen Foundation. Thanks to generous gifts from many donors, like you, the Allen Foundation is able to fulfill our mission of strengthening the programs, services and community relations for Allen Hospital and other Allen entities in our region.

Allen Hospital, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, has been caring for families in the Cedar Valley since 1925.