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Total Joint Replacement

Perhaps you've felt chronic pain in your joints. Or maybe you can no longer do the activities and hobbies you enjoy. Regardless of the reason you're considering total joint replacement, consider UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's.

St. Luke's offers total joint replacement surgery for the hip, knee or shoulder. Embracing a unified approach to care, a doctor, therapist and team of nurses all work together to ensure a successful recovery from your orthopedic procedure. Plus, you can count on having the area's best technology behind your surgery, supported by inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services seven days a week.

Pre-operative Classes

Once your orthopedic specialist schedules you for total joint replacement, you can start learning about the procedure in one of our pre-operative classes. These classes are offered at the hospital or online.

2019 Total Joint Class Schedule

Pre-operative classes, though not required, are very beneficial and can help aid you in a faster, better recovery.

During Surgery

In every step of your total joint replacement, you'll be in the expert care of St. Luke's skilled orthopedic patient care team, specially trained in bone and joint function.

During the operation, your damaged hip, knee or shoulder joint will be replaced with an artificial prosthesis. Generally comprised of a metal piece that fits snugly into a matching plastic piece, the prosthesis is sturdy and designed to move just like your normal joint. Your orthopedic surgeon may choose to use bone cement to anchor your prosthesis into the bone. With today's advanced technology, this prosthesis can last 20 years before replacement.

The total joint replacement procedure requires a six-inch incision, so after the procedure most patients will feel some general pain at the incision and in the replaced joint where the weak, inactive muscles and tissue are healing. With proper medication and physical therapy, your pain should decrease within weeks.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

After surgery, we aim to get you up and moving the same evening so you can start physical therapy the next day. St. Luke's offers state-of-the-art rehabilitation services with physical therapy equipment including weight-supported treadmills to help get you on your feet. Occupational therapy is also part of your recovery process.

This aggressive recovery plan encourages you to use your new joint, perform as many daily functions as you can and increase your strength to go home within three days. Our team of care coordinators will be there throughout your stay to ensure a smooth transition back home. Once discharged, your physical therapy will continue at our outpatient rehabilitation facilities.

Take a look at the recovery unit and rehabilitation facilities shown in our virtual tour.