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Poison Center

Contact the Iowa Poison Control Center

If you have poison questions, a poison emergency or want information on poison prevention contact the Iowa Poison Control Center. A poison expert is available to speak with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is considered poison?

A poison is any product or substance that can harm someone if it is used in the wrong way, by the wrong person, or in the wrong amount. Examples of possible poisons include some household products, chemicals at work or in the environment, drugs (prescription, over-the-counter, herbal, illegal or animal medicines), snake bites, spider bites, and scorpion stings.

What should I do if I think someone's been poisoned?

  • Follow the first aid instructions if you can. Then call right away!
  • The poison center experts will tell you exactly what to do in an emergency. Then they will follow-up with you by phone to be sure that everything is all right.
  • Do not wait to call! If you call right away, the problem can often be taken care of over the phone. Don't wait for symptoms!