Heart attacks can happen fast. One day you are living life and the next day you might be fighting for it. In the life-changing moments that require expert medical attention, turn to Siouxland's number one heart team, UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's Cardiology Services. St. Luke's has received the American Heart Association's Mission: Lifeline Silver Achievement Award for improving patient care and outcomes in the Siouxland Community. In addition, St. Luke's is Siouxland's only heart team to receive the  2016 Silver Performance Achievement Award from the American College of Cardiology for implementing a high standard of care for heart attack patients.

With 24/7 immediate heart care, St. Luke's saves lives. Combining experienced care with the latest diagnostics and treatment, St. Luke's is saving your heart so you can follow it.

In an emergency, such as heart attack, call 911 and ask to be taken to St. Luke's hospital campus!

For planned outpatient procedures and screenings you can choose from our two convenient locations- Sunnybrook Medical Plaza and the hospital campus. To schedule a heart screening or other outpatient procedures call (712) 279-7979. Please note some procedures may require a physician referral.

St. Luke's & CVA Provide a Team Approach to Care

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St. Luke's approaches heart health in an integrated way, using the knowledge of several health care teams to offer a comprehensive set of treatments and preventive cardiology procedures. St. Luke's works closely with Cardiovascular Associates (CVA), the only cardiology group with privileges at St. Luke's, to ensure heart patients have quicker access to St. Luke's 24-hour Cath Lab.

Effective January 1, 2013, Cardiovascular Associates, P.C. (CVA) and St. Luke's announced a partnership agreement to expand and enhance cardiovascular care for Siouxland. Both St. Luke's and CVA see closer integration of physicians and hospitals as the future of health care. This partnership promises benefits for all involved. For the patient, this partnership will improve coordination and focus on delivering high quality care. Through this partnership St. Luke's and CVA will work together to enhance hospital services, operate cardiology clinics and manage outreach services. Read more.

Home to Siouxland's Newest Cardiology Labs

St. Luke's is now serving heart patients in a dedicated electrophysiology (EP) lab and a replacement cardiac catheterization lab. These two newly constructed labs are located conveniently next to one another in a new space on the main floor of the hospital which also houses pre-procedure and post-procedure rooms. This type of layout improves patient flow and in turn leads to a better patient experience. Plus, these labs are just steps from the Emergency Department (ED), which enhances door-to-balloon times for patients. This means less time is needed between the patient's arrival in the ED to when he/she is moved to the cardiac cath lab to receive heart care. In the end, this means less heart muscle will be lost and the patient's outcome will be better.

State-of-the-art technology also makes these newly constructed labs the best in town. For example, the Siemens Biplane, which is used in the EP lab, creates improved visualization, because multiple images of the heart can be seen at one time.

Acute, Diagnostic & Interventional Heart Care

St. Luke's staff is ready to care for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with treatment options perfect for your individual needs. Treatment may include non-surgical procedures like angioplasty and stents, which can open blocked arteries in a less invasive way. Some patients are referred for Electrophysiology (EP) services, which enhance a person's ability to study and treat patients with abnormal heartbeats without major surgery. And cardiac diagnostic tests like holter monitoring, echocardiograms and stress tests assess your heart health and identify cardiovascular disease. Many of these procedures are performed on a convenient, outpatient basis. Learn more about our cardiology services.

Coronary Care Unit

While many patient procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis, there are some procedures that call for added patient monitoring and care. For these patients, St. Luke's offers Siouxland's newest coronary care unit on the hospital's 6th floor. The new unit features calming artwork from the Wrede and Barbara Smith Art and Healing Project and state-of-the-art iBeds that offer extended patient comfort with music, translation and charting capabilities. In addition, the unit is staffed with healthcare professionals trained specifically in coronary care, providing expert, compassionate care for patients in critical recovery after a heart procedure. New monitoring and nurse calling systems, along with a sophisticated nurses' station, donated by Cardiovascular Associates, in memory of Dr. Tjeerdsma, are all amenities that make this unit ideal for patient recovery.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Once a patient leaves the hospital, St. Luke's is still here to care for you. And like any other, it needs exercise. St. Luke's offers cardiac rehab programs at Sunnybrook Medical Plaza. With individual exercise regimes and lifestyle training in nutrition and heart health, St. Luke's cardiac rehab helps those recovering from heart conditions get healthy and stay healthy. You can also be seen for heart failure, vascular and pulmonary rehab.

Regional Outreach Care

For patient's outside the Sioux City area, St. Luke's and CVA can come to you and provide testing at the nearest local hospital. We never miss a beat when caring for patients throughout the tri-state area. On the road care is coordinated for efficiency and quality so you regularly have access to a cardiology technician. Remote services are preformed at the local hospital closest to you for patient convenience. The non-invasive studies include Echocardiography, Stress Tests, Vascular Doppler Studies and Holter Monitors.

The EKG Network also offers patient convenience. EKG's are taken at your local hospital for diagnosis of abnormal rhythms and damage to heart muscle. Tests are transmitted by phone line to St. Luke's and then interpreted promptly by a CVA physician. Routine reads are interpreted within 24-hours and reads requested on a stat basis are immediate. The EKG is then stored to St. Luke's archival system for patient security.

Vascular Surgery

St. Luke's also provides vascular care, offering Sioux City's only board-certified vascular surgeon specially trained in vascular procedures to correct blood flow and problems with blood vessels. Our team specializes in aortic aneurysm repair, including minimally invasive endovascular repair. St. Luke's also offers preventive vascular procedures to help you manage your health before surgery becomes a necessity.

Preventive Care

St. Luke's offers the latest cardiology and vascular technology to help monitor and maintain the health of your heart. We focus on preventive health screenings and heart screenings procedures that can detect and repair problems before they turn into life-changing events. Let us help you fight these common diseases:

  • Heart disease
  • Carotid artery disease
  • Stroke (cerebrovascular disease)
  • Peripheral arterial disease (PAD)
  • Renovascular hypertension
  • Venous disease such as:

    • leg swelling
    • varicose veins