Pediatric Hospitalist Program
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Pediatric Hospitalist Program

Big Steps to Care for Some of Our Littlest Patients

With the support of Children's Miracle Network, we are taking big steps to continue to offer the best care for Siouxland children.

Stephen Parys, MD

Doctor Stephen Parys


 "Whether your child needs to be hospitalized for RSV, pneumonia, influenza, broken bones, post-surgery care or anything else, we are ready to work together with their families and their primary care providers and specialists to make sure they receive the best, most personalized care possible." - Pediatric Hospitalist, Stephen Parys, MD. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Pediatric Hospitalist?

 A Pediatric Hospitalist is a physician who specializes in the care of children in the hospital setting?

When would you see a Pediatric Hospitalist?

If your child is admitted to the hospital for care, your primary care provider may choose to have the hospitalists care for your child. The hospitalists will manage the care of your child during hospitalization, and your child will return to the care of your primary care provider after discharge.

Who provided this care before the program started?

The child's primary care provider or pediatrician would visit or coordinate with another provider from their group to come to the hospital to provide physician services.

How will this program help Siouxland Providers?

Primary care providers, pediatricians and specialists often juggle their time between multiple facilities or areas. Our pediatric hospitalists will be available 24-7 to assist in the care of their patients who need to be hospitalized. They are then able to stay at their "home base" freeing up crucial time to serve more patients. These providers will communicate with the pediatric hospitalist for a smooth transition out of the hospital and back to their care.

How will this program help Siouxland families?

Previously, some families were being transferred to hospitals in other cities like Omaha or Sioux Falls that had pediatric hospitalists. Now, families will be able to receive immediate assistance and will save on traveling and accommodation expenses. Also, having a pediatric hospitalist who is available 24-7 will help expedite admissions and discharge times keeping the parents well informed and getting them home quicker to their families.