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Meet Sarah & Andrea - Sisters who are Vital to your Future.

"We could save your life someday."

We knew we wanted a career that allowed us to help people, and nursing is one of the professions where you can actually make a difference in people's lives. We look forward to being here for you.

A Desire to Make a Difference...

Andrea and Sarah knew they always wanted to help people. From an early age, Andrea would dream of being a nurse while Sarah would pretend to help others.

"I always knew I wanted a job that would allow me to interact with people and where no two days would be the same." Sarah shared. "Nursing allows me the opportunity to pursue that desire while making a difference in people's lives."

After high school, both sisters put their career dreams of healthcare on hold as they enlisted in the military. "Initially I was in transportation and a Combat Life Saver. It was the skills I learned as a Combat Life Saver that made me decide to enter the nursing profession," Sarah recalls.

"For me, I knew I always wanted to be a nurse, so I decided to pick a job specialty related to healthcare from the beginning," Andrea added. Today, both sisters are combat medics in the military, which has only aided in their nursing education.

"We chose St. Luke's College because we have the opportunity to learn from the best, proven by St. Luke's College's history of high success rates on the licensure exams. At St. Luke's College we also gain real-life clinical experience earlier than we could at other schools," Sarah stated.

"We are pursuing our dreams. And, St. Luke's College is turning our dreams into reality. We get to help patients through some of the best days and walk alongside them through some of their worst. We look forward to saving your life someday."