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Hassle-Free Experience with Urgent Care

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Portrait of Jim Eller working in fabrication shop; his hassle-free experience with urgent care

A sigh of relief and excitement for the weekend are common symptoms to have on a Friday. But East Peoria native and Bartonville resident, Jim Eller, felt pain and dread on what would have been a most welcome Friday morning.

“I’m paraplegic, which means I suffer from bladder infections more often than others. I started having symptoms, and I knew it was a bladder infection. It was on Friday and I didn’t want to wait to make an appointment with my doctor,” Eller says.

His wife suggested he stop by UnityPoint Clinic Express Care – Peoria. She persuaded him the walk-in clinic would be his best option for immediate medical attention. Because he works in a small fabrication shop that customizes every client order, Eller’s team relies on his leadership and direction for efficient production. He reluctantly agreed to go and expected to spend a whole day in the clinic, leaving his team missing an extra pair of hands.

“It took me longer to fill out my paperwork than it took for them to come get me. I couldn’t believe it. It was awesome to experience how fast they were. They were very friendly, over the top, and made me feel like I was a president,” Eller says.

He was out of the clinic in half an hour. By the time he got in his truck and was half a mile away, he received a call saying his prescription had been filled.

“The urgent care clinic was a hassle-free experience. My usual routine was making an appointment three weeks in advance and having to wait in the doctor’s office,” Eller says. “And this walk-in clinic made me feel like they thought my time was more valuable than theirs. They treated me respectfully and diagnosed me correctly.”

Eller’s been raving about his experience with family and friends because he says he was treated more like a friend than a patient.

When Eller went straight back to work that Friday, his coworkers were shocked. Didn’t you go the doctor? Once they heard about his experience, they couldn’t believe it either.

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