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Welcome Home Baby

Welcome Home Baby

Besides calling for your unending love and attention, your baby is going to need a few basics. Listed below are a few items you may find helpful to have on hand.

Clothing basics

You may find it helpful to have these few clothing items on hand before the arrival of your baby: 
    •    Diapers (newborn size) 
    •    Onesies 
    •    Undershirts 
    •    Socks 
    •    Bibs 
    •    Sleep sack 
    •    Sleepers 

Baby toiletries and supplies

It is important that your baby stays clean and well moisturized as well as healthy. While out shopping, pick up these necessary supplies: 
    •    Baby wipes - unscented and alcohol free 
    •    Ultra-mild baby wash 
    •    Baby shampoo 
    •    Diaper rash ointment 
    •    Digital thermometer 
    •    Infant safety manicure scissors or clippers 
    •    Cotton balls 
    •    Nasal aspirator bulb syringe for cleaning out a stuffy nose 
    •    Cotton tipped applicators