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Survivor  Stories

null(Larry and Nathalie David)

Larry David had no symptoms or problems, took no medications, was very active, did not have a weight issue, had no diet restrictions and went in for his yearly checkups. So it was a big shock when his wife found him gasping for air but not responding to her. He was having a heart attack.

His situation was grave upon arrival at Trinity Rock Island. But with the care from emergency department physicians and staff, ICU nurses and several cardiologists, Larry pulled through. A stent was inserted. After discharge, Larry participated in the cardiac rehab program at Trinity for several months.

"We cannot say enough good things about the care we received at Trinity Rock Island in ER, ICU, on 7th floor and from the staff at cardiac rehab at Trinity Moline. We cannot emphasize enough the thanks and appreciation we have for the great team of doctors. The facility, doctors and staff are all the greatest and we will never be able to thank them enough. We think that the community is very lucky to have the new Heart Center available right here in town that will provide even quicker and better care for people with the latest technology available in the medical field." ~ Larry and Nathalie David

null(Kathleen Barrett)

"While recovering from bypass surgery, I was impressed with the professionalism of the ICU nurses and the cardiac nurses at Trinity. The room I was assigned overlooked the new Heart Center, and I could watch progress being made every day. I remember thinking how grateful I am to live in a community that feels an obligation to expand their facilities to help their heart patients." ~ Kathleen Barrett, 65, Heart Attack Survivor

Most days you can find Kathleen participating in Trinity's Cardiac Rehab program. "I am also very thankful for all the support of the nurses in the cardiac rehabilitation program who continue to offer activities, classes, and exercise that enable heart patients to live a normal quality of life." For more information on the cardiac rehab program, visit https://www.unitypoint.org/quadcities/cardiac-rehabilitation.aspx.

null(Pat Ferkel)

"On Feb. 26, 2011, my daughter, (Julie) came over to organize my taxes. We went over to my other daughter's (Jenny) house to copy some documents. While there, I had coffee and a muffin with my family. As soon as I was done, I started to feel terrible. I asked my daughter to take me home. I got in bed and my daughter Julie stood over me. We tried to decide what to do. I still felt terrible. We thought I was having a heart attack, I felt so terrible. My son-in- law, Julie's husband called and told Julie to take me to the hospital. "

"When we got to the emergency room and then told them we thought I was having a heart attack, they sent out a code blue. They rushed me to a room and right away the room filled with people trying to help me. They ended up sending me to have a stent in my heart. All the people who helped me were very kind. I feel my daughter Julie, her husband Mark and the hospital saved my life. It is hard for me to pick one person at the hospital since all of them were so efficient and kind to me. My father had a heart attack at age 55, and died at 60 so I consider myself so lucky. " ~ Pat Ferkel, Heart Attack Survivor