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TCU Therapy Services

During your stay on TCU, you will need Therapy Services. These specialized services will be done as frequently as the doctor and your therapist determine is optimal for you. Sometimes you will remain in your room during your therapy and other times you might need to use the hallway or visit the therapy gym.

When referred for Therapy Services, you will be evaluated by a therapist and will participate in developing a plan of treatment for your therapy. Many times, therapy will need to be continued after you are discharged from the hospital. If this happens, your therapist and case manager will give you options for receiving outpatient therapy services, including those offered by Trinity.

All therapists at Trinity are state licensed in their specialty and receive continuing education to keep their skills up to date. There are several specialized therapies available to hospital patients during their inpatient stay. They are listed below.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists provide treatment of the joint, spine, and neurological problems. Patients are seen after surgery or injury and treatment includes flexibility training, muscle strengthening, posture, and body mechanics. Goals might include:

  • Transferring from various positions
  • Train you in the use of equipment or braces you may need
  • Improve your endurance, balance and coordination
  • Mobility skills needed for home and community living

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists will help you regain skills needed for daily activities and self-care. They will assess your balance, strength and coordination with an emphasis on upper body, hand and arm function needed for daily living. Treatment goals may include:

  • Learning skills needed for eating and dressing
  • Learning skills needed for work, homemaking, and community living
  • Educate you and your family on use of adaptive equipment
  • Improve your ability to function safely in your environment

Speech Therapy

All of our speech therapists are nationally certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association as speech/language pathologists. They will evaluate and treat various disorders involving speech, language, reading and writing comprehension and memory disorders. They also provide videofluoroscopic swallowing evaluations to assess swallowing problems. Speech goals might include:

  • work on your ability to speak and be understood
  • Improve attention, concentration, memory, reasoning, and problem-solving skills
  • Improve your understanding of speech and written materials
  • Improve swallowing skills needed to eat and drink safely

Neuro/Psychological Services

The licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in neuro testing and neuro-psychology evaluates your cognitive abilities and emotional reaction to your illness or disability. He is a safe haven for you and your family and may recommend psychiatric services if medication is needed. Goals might include:

  • Assist you and your family with the adjustment to the changes in your life as a result of your injury or illness
  • Teach coping strategies to resolve your concerns
  • Evaluate your emotional progress during your recovery

Fall/Injury Prevention

Injuries, illness and medication can increase the risk of falling and becoming injured during a fall. Trinity has implemented the "Leaf Program", an innovative and creative approach to fall prevention. Each patient is evaluated for risk of falls, educated on prevention techniques and all staff are alerted to the risk and prevention measures of each patient. This individualized and collaborative approach with our patients has proven to be very successful in increasing patient safety as we increase their mobility.