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Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Your shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body, and because it moves, rotates and positions itself to do amazing things, it can also be more susceptible to injury. Fortunately, the leading orthopedic surgeons at UnityPoint Health - Trinity are specialized in the comprehensive treatment of all shoulder disorders, focusing on rapid-recovery rotator cuff surgery and total shoulder replacement to patients in the Quad Cities area.

Rotator Cuff Surgery

A rotator cuff is a group of tendons and related muscles that stabilize the shoulder joint. It allows you to reach up and lift your arms, and if injured, may require surgical treatment. Rotator cuff surgery is a recommended treatment option if you suffer from a severe rotator cuff disorder or if you have exhausted all nonsurgical treatment options to improve shoulder strength and movement. Rotator cuff surgery is usually performed on individuals who:

  • Have a rotator cuff tear caused by sudden injury
  • Have a rotator cuff tear caused by severe loss of shoulder strength
  • Have a rotator cuff injury that has not improved in three to six months of nonsurgical treatment, such as physical therapy 
  • Require full shoulder strength to perform job or activity, or are young 
  • Are in good physical condition to commit to recovery and rehabilitation

Depending on your unique symptoms, your orthopedic surgeon will help you determine which rotator cuff repair is right for you. Rotator cuff repair may include arthroscopic repairs, open surgical repairs or mini-open repairs. In each treatment, the goal of rotator cuff surgery is to help restore function and flexibility of the shoulder and relieve the pain that could not be managed with other treatment options. 

Total Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery

Total shoulder joint replacement surgery is a successful treatment option for severe pain and stiffness related to late-stage arthritis or degenerative joint disease of the shoulder. The surgery fully replaces the ball and socket of the shoulder joint with implants to ensure smooth gliding on the joint and restored function. Shoulder replacement surgery is usually performed on individuals who:

  • Have severe shoulder pain from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Have sustained severe trauma from shoulder fracture
  • Have moderate to severe pain that interferes with daily activities and rest, and does not improve with nonsurgical treatment
  • Are in good physical condition to commit to recovery and rehabilitation

The primary goal of shoulder replacement surgery is to relieve pain, and therefore, restore motion, strength and functionality of the shoulder and help patients successfully return to normal activity level post-surgery.

UnityPoint Health - Trinity is experienced in treating a wide range of shoulder disorders to promote faster recovery and return to normal. To learn if you are a candidate for our leading joint replacement surgery program, please use our Find a Doctor tool to locate an orthopedic surgeon in your area.