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Robotic Surgery | UnityPoint Health Quad Cities

Robotic Surgery at Trinity

With the arrival of the first "robotic" surgery system in the area,Trinity Rock Island has joined the ranks of some of the leading hospitals to invest in the da Vinci Surgical System.

Robotic technology, FDA-approved for laparoscopic procedures since 2000, has been revolutionizing the way hospitals perform minimally invasive surgery. Patient benefits include fewer stitches, less pain, less blood loss and a faster recovery.

Faster Return to Activity

The system allows a surgeon to use a special console with hand and foot controls to manipulate tiny robotic arms and a 3-D camera to perform intricate surgical procedures that are beyond the current limitation of human performance. It's anticipated some of the first procedures at Trinity will be minimally invasive treatments for prostate cancer, gynecological issues, gallbladder removal and gastric reflux.

Because surgeries performed with the robot allow a surgeon to make small cuts versus longer, open incisions, recovery time is dramatically shortened and patients can return to an active lifestyle much more quickly. Other benefits include reduced pain, less anesthesia during surgery, a lower risk of infection, less blood loss and reduced trauma to the body.

More Precision, Flexibility

Trinity has a strong tradition of providing top-quality, high-level medical care. Use of the da Vinci for a wide variety of complex surgical procedures will allow Trinity to lead the way in bringing this next generation of surgical care to our patients. With the da Vinci, smaller instruments are utilized so surgeons avoid making a large incision. Most of the patient's pain is a result of the larger incision, not from what surgeons perform on the inside. The da Vinci system will get patients to a better place with less pain, less scarring and faster recovery.


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