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Quad Cities' Cancer Care Coordinators

For patients and their families, a cancer diagnosis typically means many appointments, coordination between specialists and lots of questions. All of these things add to the anxiety and confusion that a patient is already experiencing, which can sometimes negatively impact the treatment process.

As part of a continued focus on delivering patient-centered treatment to the Quad Cities, Trinity Cancer Center's patients may be assigned a Care Coordinator. Our care coordinators have the clinical knowledge and experience to guide you through the day-to-day challenges while coping with cancer.   

Coordinated Cancer Care

When working with a Care Coordinator, you will be presented with immediate access and coordination of necessary services for detection, diagnosis and treatment. Your coordinator will provide you with a direct phone number with questions, and serve as an educator for you and your family on diseases, treatments and side effects. 

Your nurse will serve as just one component of our multi-disciplinary cancer team who works closely together on your care. In addition to helping answer medical questions, your Care Coordinator can also help you think through other outcomes of your cancer diagnosis that may impact daily life activities such as:

  • Coordinating transportation between various appointments
  • Determining appropriate child care if needed
  • Providing assistance on employment-related issues such as time for recovery
  • Advice on how to discuss your diagnosis with family and friends